And there he was…

Lying alone in bed
Praying for an end
And there he was…

Deep beneath the blankets
Pretending to sleep
And there he was…

A little girl
So frightened and confused
And there he was…

A terrified teen
Trying to stay awake
And there he was…

For so many years
Fighting the tears
And there he was…

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
And there he was…

Just like always.

June 1, 1999

One thought on “And there he was…

  1. sisiphus says:

    I know that my comment is a little late, but I have had some problems of my ow to deal with. However, thank you so much for sharing yet another poem…..I am reading all of your poems and posts, now, and will return. You are very brave to be willing to share your poetry which is so beautiful, speaks to me of such pain and loss of your self, your childhood innocence and the person who I am confident exists but needs confidence to exist.
    I hope that you continue. I have put you on my blogroll, so that others may see some of the experiences that you are wiling to share.
    I hope that you take steps to copyright your work…it is worth it, believe me.


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