9 hours and counting…

… until my intake appointment at the agency tomorrow (errr… today).

I’m doing my best to keep myself from totally going off the deep end.  I’ve had one full blown panic attack and a few mini ones since getting home from class four hours ago.

All of the tricks in my bag aren’t helping very much.  So I’m just trying to take it one moment at a time.  As soon as I finish this I’m going to try a progressive muscle relaxation audio I downloaded earlier.

To top things off, I’ve been trying to figure out why I seem to be coming up with $250 dollars a month less than I’ve anticipated.  Turns out that in addition to sending in a payment to my student loan company with the coupon, they been electronically deducting it from my account as well.  I’ve got two sets of loans from the same company and I initally set up an automatic $70 withdrawal to pay for one of them.  Why they decided to take the additional $250 out as well is beyond me.  But now that I know they’re doing that, I don’t have to write that extra check.

So any positive thoughts or vibes would be greatly appreciated.

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