Baby Steps

As I wrote before, I have a lot of problems with physical contact. It hurts when a person touches me. I fear it so much, I can’t even explain it.

Well today I decided to take a first small step in dealing with that fear.

I needed to get my hair cut because I have a job interview tomorrow. Usually when I go for a hair cut, I wash my hair before hand so I don’t have to deal with that. As I’ve also written before, having my hair washed is a huge trigger for me.

So today I decided to try and see if I could survive getting my hair washed at the salon. Guess what? I’m still alive. I did it!

Yeah… It did hurt. And the stylist wasn’t being rough or anything. It just hurt me. But with a lot of telling myself that this was a temporary feeling and a lot of deep breathes, I survived.

So now I have one more post to add to my “Positive Things” tag.

3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. what a lovely, lovely moment to read of your courage. you see, you just increased your courage, fed it and nourished it and increased it as it is inside you. regardless if the courage was for being in the salon or climbing kilimanjaro, it’s the courage thing inside you that was increased and it will be there for you for other things in your future. you just became bigger on the inside. and i am proud of you….

  2. Well done for overcoming such a huge fear. I can partly relate to it, although I think you have a much harder time than I do with it – I just feel really trapped in the hairdressers. I would rather go to the dentist, I think. I made an appointment today which should have been made weeks ago…and in the meantime, my hair gets to look so awful it makes me feel even worse about myself. ughh…

    But, yes, baby steps…giant oaks from little acorns and all that.

    I’m pleased to meet you, by the way, Kathryn. You took the time to leave me a kind comment and that led me here.

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