First off, let me say blogging while exhausted, stressed out and in pain is generally a bad idea. I’m really glad I didn’t post what I wrote last night because it was incomprehensible. And I don’t mean that it was just poorly written (by my own standards of course). I mean that I went back and read it this morning and tried to figure out what the hell I was trying to say and had no clue. I’m not even sure that I was writing in English (which is quite a feat since it’s been 10+ years since I finished high school Spanish and I speak about 35 words of Korean that I learned during the year I spent there).

So here’s what I was trying to get out last night…

Last night our class had our first round interviews with the banks. I interviewed with five banks. Four out of the five when well. The first one… well disaster would be positive description. I was so nervous. I kept forgetting what I wanted to say. Just didn’t feel comfortable in my skin. Was thinking way too much about my answers.

But the positive thing that came out of that is that I put it behind me as soon as I was finished. Out of the five recruiters I was going to talk to, that bank interested me the least. So I’m glad it was the first one. It gave me a chance to work out the bugs so to speak.

I do have to say, that each one got easier. By the time I talked to the last recruiter I had gotten pretty comfortable. I felt more prepared. And because I had gotten some positive feedback from the previous recruiters (one even asked me if I would be interested in applying for the position that’s a step up from the one I was going to apply for) I felt a little more confident in my own abilities.

And the other thing of note is that this is the second entry in a row that’s getting the “Positive Things” tag…

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