Alone in the Dark

There she lies
On the bed
Under the covers

In the distance
In the dark
Cries ring out

Fear envelops
Like the grass on the earth
Closing around her

Silently she begs
Please no more
Please no more

No one to hear the cries
No one to feel the pain
Alone in the dark


February 19, 2007

2 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark

  1. we can hear her now, we can care now, she is truly cared for now, in the real sense of the word. tell her she is cared for, and gently hugged


  2. I felt like this too as a child and I feel it now, as an adult, when the past floods my mind.

    All I can do is shake my head in understanding. Your poetry speaks loud and clear. I’ve read them all now. I won’t inundate your blog with comments though. I just want to say I hope you keep writing because these are strong and very expressive.

    until again,

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