Image by Craig Birrell

…It’s a constant companion. It’s with me day and night. It’s never content to leave me be. It must always remind me of the battles I face.

After a week or so of being almost free of suicidal thoughts and self-injury urges, they’re back in full force.

I’m just having a rough day (errrr… it’s night now). I finally start to feel almost human and then I slide right down that hill and hit my ass on a big old rock.

Don’t feel much like writing…

4 thoughts on “Depression…

  1. It’s not any more permanent than the almost human feeling was. I’m trying to learn this, too, that there is no fundamental, essential, underlying mood… all the emotions come and go. Wishing you a little extra peace in the midst of this, a little hope and strength against the battering depression brings.

  2. hiya Kat
    thank you for popping by my blog (always welcome if you want a cuppa :) )

    …you’ve ridden this out before Kat, it gets me like this sometimes, just for no particular reason *poof* it’s there again, like Plath said ‘a Sudden Dark Tree Blossoming ‘ (or something like that…)

    even though all of us lot seem lost sometimes amidst that ocean,
    there are each others little boats plying the waters as well,

    pls take care

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