Sleeping upside down

Sleeping bat


No, I’m not turning into a bat…


I tend to be really picky about the position I sleep in (when I actually do sleep). My entire life, I’ve slept on my left side and facing the wall. And in sleeping in that position, I’ve always been able to turn my head and see the door. I don’t know what it is about sleeping facing the wall, but it’s what I’ve always done. Common sense would say I’d want to see what was coming at me, so I should sleep facing into the room.

I guess I’m weird.

But the way my living room is set up now (and there’s really no way to rearrange it) if I sleep on my left side and facing the wall, my head is pointing toward the door. So I can’t see it when I turn my head. And if I sleep with my head on the other end… well, I’m all turned around.

On Tuesday my therapist suggested that I try to start sleeping so that I can see the door. I did try that once a few years ago. But I really felt like I was upside down or backwards. And I didn’t like it. So I went back to the way I was more comfortable. I wasn’t having the severe sleep problems and nightmares I’m having now. So it wasn’t as big a deal.

Yes, I’m definitely weird. You don’t need to point that out…

So I tried it again last night. It was slightly comforting to be able to see the door. But it’s odd to sleep in that position. If I lay on my left side, I’m facing out into the room. If I face the wall, I’m lying on my right side. I was all turned around and my body was confused.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know, I know. I’m really weird.

Old habits are hard to break. But changing my sleeping position might be one of those habits to try and break if being able to see the door at a glance helps keep me a little calmer at night. I’m willing to try almost anything to get some decent sleep.

Speaking of sleep… I’m headed in that direction right now. It’s early tonight. Only 1:30 am. But I’m feeling sleepy. The TV is tuned to some shopping channel so there’s some light and noise in the room. That’s another thing I’m trying out. We’ll see how it goes.

8 thoughts on “Sleeping upside down

  1. doesn’t sound That weird!
    unless f course, you really are turning into a bat, then that would be a bit odd…

    i sleep back to the wall facing the room – generally always.
    i used to have this thing where the covers Absolutely Have to be rucked up until they are completely over me with just a breathing hole for a nose to poke out… i think that was where my own obsession with marsupials and rats and meercats with their nesting tendancies first turned up!!
    lol. it just feels safer…

  2. It’s incredibly difficult for people to make themselves sleep in a different position, even without the emotional stresses that you have gone through.

    I cannot fall asleep unless i’m on my right side; my mother sleeps in the same position. Her doctor told her to sleep on her back in order to avoid aggravating a shoulder problem, but she just couldn’t do it.

    There are many reasons to call oneself (anyone) weird, but sleeping position just ain’t one of them in my book ;-)

    If you feel safe and comfortable, the sleep will come, and i hope you can do that for yourself. I’m sending you smiley vibes from France. If that isn’t weird, i don’t know what is.

  3. I sleep the exact same way, on my left side facing the wall. If I face the door I’m going to look at it constantly to make sure no one is standing there. It makes perfect sense to sleep facing the wall. The world is much smaller that way, easier to take in.

    I feel safer with Captain sleeping beside me, with pillows and a ton of blankets around me…in kind of a nest. The more that’s on the bed the better I feel because it means there is no more room for something to get on the bed and not be noticed. I’m going to notice an extra something because it’s not going to fit, there’s no room so it’s (she, the mother) would have to move an item to get in. I’d know it. so, to me, having a bunch of stuff on the bed makes sense. Facing the wall keeps me from focusing on that door so I can go to sleep.
    Bed placement makes a huge difference in how a survivor sleeps. It’s no small deal at all.



    The link is broken because it was so long but if you paste it back together it’ll take you to an entry I wrote a very long time ago on this very subject.
    If for some reason the link doesn’t want to work go to my blog in the search field and type in Bed Placement And Abuse Issues. It’ll take you right there.

    You might be surprised just how many survivors have issues with how they sleep and where and when they sleep as well as what colors the covers are or the pillow or anything relating to the bedroom at all.


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