I need a name…

A few days ago, I decided to buy a teddy bear. I figured it would be a good way to try and self-soothe. And we all know I need some serious soothing lately. It might also end up being a vehicle to help me explore some more inner child stuff. I don’t know. I still have to think a bit on that idea.

So tonight, I took a trip to Target. Not that I really like Target. And not that their selection was great… in fact it was pretty crappy. But once I got there, I didn’t think I could handle driving on the freeway to get to any other large type stores (read Wal-Mart). So Target it was.

I need a nameI got this little guy. He was the cutest of the teddy bears they had (and I think they had a total of three).

His little face just called out to me. He really looks sad in this picture, but he’s really not.

And the ribbon around his neck was the ultimate selling point. It looks so adorable.

But now he needs a name. And I completely stink at thinking up names. The stuffed mouse I got when I was three… I named her Mousey. OK, granted I was three. But still…

God help me if I ever have a child. When I adopted my cat, Jeepers, in graduate school, I was very thankful she came already named.

Please give me a name...

And just so you can see his face… here’s a close up.

So please help him. Being called “Hey You!” makes him feel really silly.

Leave your ideas in the comments. Suggest as many as you’d like. The more, the better. After a few days I’ll pick one and we’ll christen him.

17 thoughts on “I need a name…

  1. Wilberforce…
    although he looks a bit polar, so that would a bit Northern Regions, hmmmm…Sven?
    but then again he’s also quite, er…rounded (not casting aspersians! Pleasantly Plump) so maybe a solid square like name, Bert? Bartholemew??

    (p.s. i’m indulging my Inner Child today too, please forgive…
    …but is Heinrich reacting well to the new kid on the block? He can get a bit stuffy sometimes, but its really just because he’s anxious of being listened to. But Heinrich has had a lot of experience of being a teddybear, he might go all fatherly and show the ropes to the newy guy :)

    keep us informed of the ongoing adventures!!

  2. Jorden says:

    The Dutch word for bear is beer.
    And it’s not pronounced as the version you drink. ;)

  3. Ian… Heinrich is being a perfect gentleman. He’s taken my new friend under his wing… errrr… paw and is teaching him the ins and outs of being a proper teddy bear.

  4. Two Sheds says:

    Boinc the Bear
    Mr Spock …to boldly go ‘n all that, a tenuous link to the crew….

    OK..OK…not original

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