Making the bed a safer place

On Tuesday, my therapist asked me to start thinking about ways to make my bed a safer place.

I’ve started on this by changing my sleeping position. I’ve also bought a teddy bear.

I’ve taken a couple additional steps. I went shopping…

I bought some new pillows and pillow cases. I didn’t realize how old and cruddy my pillows were. And I wasn’t even using pillow cases on them. When I actually looked at the old one, I was disgusted.

I bought a new blanket. I had been using a ratty old thing I found in my grandmother’s basement. The new one is very cozy and a beautiful shade of blue. It’s really close to the color of the sky in the spring.

I bought a body pillow. I had one a couple of years ago. I used it when my back was really bothering me. I used to put it under my knees. Now I’m using it as a shield between myself and the room.

I only went shopping yesterday. So I’ve only changed my sleeping environment for one night. It didn’t make a difference. But then again, one night isn’t a fair test. I’m willing to keep working on this.

I’m not looking forward to going to bed tonight. Today was a pretty rough day in terms of flashbacks and body memories. Staying in the present was particularly hard today.

I did manage to tire myself out pretty well this evening. I’ve cleaned one of my two rooms from top to bottom, including unpacking the boxes from when I moved back to the US last August (depression will do that to you…). Then again, the only thing that motivated me to do it was the mere fact my best friend is coming over to use my computer to put in her grades to the online system (stupid district… hasn’t gotten around to updating their site to work with IE7, which almost all the teachers have installed on their home and school machines). So now I also have a nice clean room to sleep in.

3 thoughts on “Making the bed a safer place

  1. timethief says:

    I have made my bedroom into an oasis of sorts and it did help me as far as insomnia goes. I don’t have a “teddy” but I do have a full length body pillow I can hug all night long and it works for me. Hang in there. I gave up running and hiding from bad memories. Instead used creative visualization to envision your self sleeping soundly and waking with a smile on your face. It took a long time but it worked for me so hopefully it will work for you too.

  2. All new linens are great if you can afford it. I mean, the whole shebang. the new blanket is good but if you can also find the means, a duvet is the best. I like lots of pillows. I don’t know if you suffer from any kind of light sensitivity issues but blinds, curtains?

  3. When I actually work my way up to sleeping in a bed, I’ll probably invest in new bedding. Right now I’m sleeping on a folded out futon in my living room/office.

    Light doesn’t bug me too much as long as I don’t have a migraine. For those times I have a sleep mask.

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