To my inner child

To my little Rosita

You are a miracle child

You have survived the war

Even though you are but three years old

You have the wisdom of the ages

Your formative years were shattered

But you made it out alive

You are my inner child

And you are beautiful


April 7, 2007

6 thoughts on “To my inner child

  1. Jasmine says:

    Kathryn no therapist no physcologist … one in this world can help you find freedom from these dark and grim memories.There is only one person who can give you freedom,peace and comfort,his name is….JESUS…he is the way the truth and the life.

    Jesus says “Kathryn I can see you tears and feel every pain every dark emotion you are going through…and it hurts me too…..but i long to comfort you..i long to give you peace that passeth all understanding……i long to heal your broken heart….but i can’t do that until u seek me…until you accept me in your heart”.

    Believe me Kathryn….you will find new life… will be able to accept yourself.
    Actually i want to guide you in accepting Jesus as your personal saviour.Through your blog messages,i came to know that you are from a catholic background.But I have many friends who are born in a christian family and they go to church regularly…but they still don’t know christ as they ought to know.After accepting Jesus in my heart,i’m filled with joy overflowing…..and thats why i want u to experience this joy…If you can send me ur email id…..then i’ll be glad to discuss with you about Jesus.

    edited to removed email to prevent you getting hit with spam

  2. MayPoles of life says:

    Dear Kathryn, I am having a difficult time putting into words what I want to say to you. (By the way, one of my daughters has the middle name kathryn…..because to me, the name, is a name of strength.) I agree with Jasmines post, as you know I would, from my previous posts to your blog. What I would like to add is, I understand you having spiritual issues, who wouldn’t? “God, why did You let this happen to me???” I would take up too much space in your blog, explaining to you, what I now know as truth. What I want you to know is, you are loved, and valued by Christ. No matter where you have come from, no matter what others have done to you….this is about Kathryn, and HER relationship with Christ, no one can rob you of that. Also, please know, God does not wear a watch. When you are ready to turn to Him, He will be there for you. He is also there when you are angry with Him, and you will be. You are on a journey my friend, one that I am glad that you are sharing with others, I hope and pray we can help you. I cannot explain in words that are understandable what I know and feel, but if it takes till your last day, your last breath, it is NEVER to late to know God. You , in the past and present are Gods child, take care of yourself. I love the letter to your child, she IS beautiful indeed! There is not a day that goes by Kathryn, that I don’t think of you, I know I’m not the only one, you have quite a team rooting for you. The past cannot be erased, but the future can be written, YOU are in charge now. I hold such faith in you, because you hold hope. Remember, Rosita IS beautiful!!!

  3. Jasmine

    Thank you for your kind offer.

    I’ve been working with a priest at my parish because in addition to the psychological issues, there are spiritual ones as well.

  4. May I add, hopefully without offending anyone, that I only fairly recently discovered that there is indeed a difference between psychological and spiritual issues. It makes sense they would interact, but they’re not interchangeable or the same or just one or the other in all cases. When I started dealing with my psych garbage, my relationship with Jesus started to get more mature and just in better shape, too.

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