After a long discussion, we’ve finally picked a name. I’m happy to introduce…





He will also go by the nickname “Beer”.


We both thank everyone for their input. It was a long road but Tedders is glad to have a name now. He felt awful funny being called “hey you”.

And Tedders and I send snowy Easter greetings out to everyone. We wanted a white Christmas and got a white Easter. So white, in fact, I can’t get my car out of my driveway.

5 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. Yay!!! :D
    hey Tedder’s! How are you? now i know Helmut has been teaching you the Code of Bears…
    You have to keep your Human safe at all times.

    (thats all i’ve ben able to work out, my tedsters won’t tell me the rest of the code because i’m not made of cotton wool… its a trade secret apparently….)

  2. Welcome, Tedders (I kind of liked Beer too but didn’t want to sound completely ridiculous by picking that one…!)

    I still have my old Teddy from when I was a baby. I don’t know how he’s survived all of these years. His name is simply: “Teddy.” I mean, what on earth does a toddler come up with?

    I have a “thing” for monkeys. Well, all primates in general and I have a few stuffed ones. A colleague, dear girl that she is, actually made me a sock monkey. His name is Franz. I also have a chimp named Zippy who was another gift. He got his name from the man who gave him to me. He had a stuffed chimp who looked similar when he was a small boy and that was his name so I took it with great honour.

  3. allatseawithabucketandspade says:

    Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    For what it’s worth, I think forgiveness is a judgement of someone’s behaviour. If it was okay, why would they need forgiveness? What would you be forgiving? I think forgiving someone demonstrates that what they did was definately not okay!
    Abuse, rape, child abuse are most definately not okay. My understanding is that the people will suffer for what they did or they will come to realise that their actions need forgiveness and they will turn their lives around and then all the best to them I say.
    I had several inner children – all very hurt, all with a story to tell.
    Now all the stories have been told.
    Life is good!
    All the best to you matey.

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