What’s on your mind?

So it all started as a thread on the “Off Topic” Forum on WordPress.com. Chicablog began a thread entitled, “What are you thinking about today?” and then included it as a post in her blog.

So I thought it would be fun to start a running commentary here on this blog of what we’re thinking about. Feel free to join in on the forum thread too.


So what am I thinking about right now? At 2:00 AM, way too much.

  • I just accepted a job in Korea. So I’m thinking about visa applications and packing and finding teaching resources.
  • I’m thinking “Bug Manager” is a funny title for my new moderator type position.
  • I’m thinking that I have no idea how difficult (or time consuming) it’s going to be to move all those bug reports from one database to another.
  • I’m thinking about whether I want a PC or a MacBook to replace my dying P4 laptop.
  • I’m thinking that for some reason my futon/bed is especially triggering tonight.
  • I’m thinking I really need to clean the bathroom and the other bedroom.


Life would be easier if I could just turn my brain off sometimes.

Now I’m off to start moving bugs around and look at computers.

15 thoughts on “What’s on your mind?

  1. MayPoles of life says:

    As usual, I’m thinking about everyone but me, that must be a Mom thing…or a woman thing! Just my nature I guess.
    A note to Marcy, that’s why God invented Gorilla glue, to hold socks on ;) Oh my, I remember those days.
    Kathryn…2 eggs?, twice blessed! It sounds like there is change in the wind for you, may your journey be wonderful, I wish you much happiness!
    Please take care of yourself, it sounds like you are going to be very busy for a while.

  2. A job in Korea! Wow!


    I’m thinking about what I need to do today. I’m also thinking about my friend whose friend was killed at VT. I’m thinking about how much I hate baby socks that don’t stay on.

  3. I’m thinking about my birdie outside and what’s *she’s* thinking about. Yes, I’m strange.

    Can you tell I’m procrastinating on moving bugs???

    OK OK, I’m going to do it now.

  4. LOL Chica.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so excited about getting a link.


    (oh yeah, approving that comment and writing this one was a good excuse to stop moving bugs for a bit)

    And I’m thinking it would be a miracle if I could actually remember to a) mark a bug as closed, b) not send the notification email and c) write the comment about the migration. Seems like every other bug I move, I forget one of the above.

  5. thememoryartist says:

    I’m thinking my bra feels too tight , and that I wish I had removed my lipstick before eating barbecue potato chips for dinner, and that I’m way too lazy these days, because I should’ve cooked real food instead . And I’m thinking I am way too tired to bother cooking after working all day , and that the interns there are inconsiderate little slobs that have ruined my good mood due to their laziness, but that I’m just being way too judgmental about a bunch of college kids who still live at home with mom doing their laundry, (I need to do laundry) and my mood right now probably has little to do with them. So, what’s the real reason ?———> Then on to thinking that I’m probably just agitated from too much caffeine, and having stayed up until 5 a.m. working on a blog post that is not even near being finished but probably already way too long for anyone to bother reading , or maybe it’s just pms sneaking up on me….

  6. timethief says:

    I’m thinking that I really appreciate the wordpress community and how happy I am that I moved away from Blogger a year ago after I was I was stalked. It was the best decision I ever made.

    I’m also thinking that I’m glad my neighbours and the police were on the ball and that the pervert that stalked me is in jail and is not allowed any computer access. It was a close call – too close for comfort.

    I’m thinking that after I quietly build my new personal blog that I’d like to have you ladies come and visit it.

    And now I’m thinking that I would like to hear Marcy’s dulcimer so I’m going to drop in and visit her blog.

  7. ::waves to TT::

    I’m thinking I’m glad I starting blogging here as well. The support and community is awesome.

    And I’m thinking I’m happy to report that about half of those bugs are ported to the new system.

    And I’m thinking I’d love to visit TT’s new blog :)

  8. timethief says:

    I’m thinking that you may be put off by some of what I write in my personal blog, which only has one post because I just began it.

    I was raised in the faith. I am well versed in old testament scriptures and in the new testament (covenant) teachings. There are more missionaries, pastors, praise and worship leaders on through both sides of my family than there are in most churches.

    I’m thinking that I should be up front with you and tell you that I am an apostate with very strong negative feelings about what the spread of christianity has done to indigenous peoples. I respect the teachings of Jesus. They are without flaw but I am not a christian I am a buddhist.

    Moreover, my abusers were christians and my blog will contain some pretty shocking material that will be hard for christians to read.

  9. I am thinking that I am also glad I have moved to wordpress, and away from livejournal – where there was far too much bitching and judging for my liking. I am also glad because now I have found a spot where I can blog about pretty much anything that’s on my mind, and I’ve found a few other blogs which are more interesting, mature and diverse in nature than those that I found on livejournal.

    I’m thinking, my boyfriend arrives in about an hour, and should I really go to my English lesson? The college has told me that if I miss anymore lessons (valid or not) I will be chucked out, so it would seem to suggest I don’t care about whether I’m at college or not if I just flippantly miss my lessons… At the same time, while I do want to be here, I have a headache, and I know there’s no point in me going to the lesson as they’re doing a test on a text that I haven’t even read! – So perhaps my time would be better spent catching up on Chaucer? There is, of course, also the fact of that my boyfriend is coming to see me from 200 miles away, and I’d rather spend time with him than go and fail this test in English… But he’d be mortified if he thought he was having an adverse effect on my studies, not, of course, that if I do decide to skip English at the end of today it would be his fault at all – I am an individual, and capable of making my own decisions.

    I am thinking that I am very indecisive as a person. And I am also thinking, that I’m not sure I was even really thinking anyhting until someone asked me what I was thinking…

  10. MayPoles of life says:

    Kathryn…..that’s great, I’ll be pondering that thought all day long…lol.

  11. I’m thinking way too hard about all the changes in my life. And I’m thinking about how depressed I am. And the future. And trying to keep my brain from falling apart and seeping out of my ears.

    And I’m thinking about thememoryartist’s bra being too tight and that has provided me with some laughs (sorry…not at your expense but I can’t help it!)

    And I am thinking about Marcy and her friend who had a friend killed at VT. That’s not good.

    I am thinking about you going to Korea and that is huge. And you should get a MacBook because I totally love mine.

    I am thinking I should go to bed and stop monkeying around the blogosphere because I still have a lot of unpacking and cleaning and moving stuff around to do in my new apartment. But because I am depressed, I am avoiding going to bed because that means I have to face another day. This is a typical of my depression. Insomnia and irrational fear of “a new day.” I have taken my meds which include a hypnotic so I will in fact sleep. I just have to actually convince myself to lie down and turn off the lights.

  12. I’m thinking I find it funny how many people get to my blog on some variation of “sleeping upside down”, which was the title of a previous post of mine.

  13. I’m thinking my bird grandchildren need names and everyone needs to start suggesting some.

    According to Wikipedia, incubation time for the eggs is roughly two weeks. Which means, we have about 10 days left to name the babies.

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