Job Update

I have an interview for tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Similar hours and living arrangements. Slightly lower pay. Now to Google the school and see if there are any horrible things being said about it.

13 thoughts on “Job Update

  1. realitytesting says:

    I wanted to say thanks for posting at my site yesterday! I also think I might have bumped into you at Pandys, possibly….I joined about a month ago : ) Your site is fantastic—a true act of courage.
    Cassandra from

  2. @Realitytesting…

    It’s been a while since I’ve been at Pandys. I should drop in and see what’s going on.


    Thanks so much for the well wishes. I’ve found there nowhere near as intimidating as a face to face interview. The two previous ones I had, they pretty much knew they wanted to offer the job (::sigh:: and then the one withdrew it) so I think it was more making sure I could actually speak and be understood. LOL

  3. Because we know that AI is much more important than anything else. How is Sanjay doing? LOL.

    You said you wanted to Google them to see if anything horrible happened there. Horrible like what? Sanjay kinda horrible or Chernobyl kinda horrible? My goodness. Jimminy Cricket. I do not want to have to go over to Korea to pull you from rubble okay. I don’t fly, not willingly so if I have to come to Korea (drunk off my ars the entire flight) you will be less than happy to see me. So, Sanjay or Chernobyl kinda horrible? We will be long over Chernobyl but still trying to recover from this AI kid.


  4. PS. Now I know how others feel when they come to my blog and see a totally different template. At first I thought maybe I was at the wrong blog.


  5. OMG Austin.

    That so cracked me up.

    And I have to admit, I cheered when he got booted off last week. I love country music and what he did to that song almost made my ears bleed.

    When I say horrible, there are schools that have left their teachers high and dry. Didn’t pay them on time. Changed working hours. Fired them without cause. Crappy living conditions.

    Thankfully, I see nothing horrible said about this school. And I also got some pictures of the classrooms. They are gorgeous. I should be getting pictures of the apartment within a few hours.

    And yeah. I got tired of the old template. Unfortunately, this is the only other one I liked. So until they add some new ones, I’m stuck with these two.

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