Trying to find closure

I talked with my therapist last week about moving to Korea. There’s a lot of feelings that go with it.

Part of me is scared that the reason I’m really going is because I’m running away from my life here. I don’t think that’s the reason. I’d really be more worried if I didn’t think that.

So she gave me something to think about over the next few weeks. She wants me to think about ways I could find some closure, or at least start to find it.

I have some ideas I’m kicking around. A letter is one of them. I’ve done it before, but not in the sense of closure. I’ve been sort of playing around with my pastels again. But nothing is coming to me. Poetry was my final idea. I’m suffering from a severe case of writers block.

I don’t know if the reason I’m having trouble is that maybe I’m really just not ready to do this. Or if I’m just not knowing how to do them. Or what?

I haven’t given up on it. I’m just going to take a brief break.

3 thoughts on “Trying to find closure

  1. I get overwhelmed with a blankness whenever I think of anything all-encompassing, like trying to write a song for my husband or daughter, or to write a book, or anything like that. I wonder if you feel somewhat the same way — that closure in your case is so huge it’s inapproachable. If so, I wonder if you can break it up into smaller pieces, and close each of those.

  2. It’s very possible Marcy. I’m having trouble just getting started. It does seem like a huge task. And then again, I’m not really sure what “closure” means. I mean, I understand it on the intellectual level, but I’m not sure what it means on the emotional level.

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