Kathryn and Rosita

This is a story that I wrote about 2 years ago while working with a therapist on the abuse issues. We were doing a little bit of inner child work and she asked me to have my inner child write a story.

It was about that time that I named her. The name I gave her was Rosita. Why Rosita? My favorite flower is a rose. I see that little girl inside of me as a tiny rose bud. -ita on the end of a noun in Spanish makes it diminutive. So Rosita, for me, means little rose.

When I wrote the story, I used my left hand (my non-dominant hand) at the suggestion of my therapist. It’s supposed to put you in touch with your inner child.

Please don’t laugh… this really is a stupid story.

Kathryn and Rosita

Chapter One

My name is Rosita. I am 3 years old. I live in a big person. Her name is Kathryn. She is very big. Kathryn gave me my name because she told me I could help her get better. I want to help Kathryn. I’m a big girl. My best friend is my mouse. His name is Mousy. I love kitty cats. I think flowers are pretty.

Chapter Two

I’m scared of the dark. There is a big monster in my room. When I try to hide under the bed, the monster can still get me. When I try to hide in the closet the monster knows I’m there.

Chapter Three

I don’t like it when daddy comes into bed and hurts me. I don’t like it when pap-pap hurts me. I don’t understand why they touch me down there. Daddy always tells me it’s a secret. Just for him and me. I never told! But Kathryn told. I don’t want to get punished. Sometimes it feels like nobody really loves me.

7 thoughts on “Kathryn and Rosita

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Using the left hand to get in touch with your child parts… Maybe *that’s* why I’ve stayed in touch with them–I’m mostly left-handed. :)

    The story isn’t stupid. It gives your inner child a voice, and lets her express things very well.

    To Rosita: It is Kathryn’s job to take care of you. She is big and she will keep you safe. It is OK to tell people about things that happened. Kathryn did that so you can be safe, and so that, now that you live in a big person, you can find safe people who will love you and be kind to you.

    I love cats and flowers, too. At night, I sleep with a tiger. His name is Horatio. Also two stuffed dragons who are friendly and help me to be safe.

  2. MayPoles of life says:

    Dear Rosita, first of all, I love your name! Sadly, little voices aren’t “heard” as often as they should be. Kathryn did the right thing by telling, she is a big girl, and will keep both you and her safe. Both you and Kathryn should never be punished for what happened, ever. I think for a little girl you are full of courage, as well as Kathryn. How kind of you to want to help Kathryn…I know if I were 3 years old, I’d want you for my friend. Thank you for writing this story Rosita, may you feel safe to write whatever you want. You DO have a voice that deserves to be heard, and Kathryn I trust will help you do that. Oh, and another thing, you are loved, God loves you, just like He loves Kathryn. And I love you too, because as my children tell me, “Mom, you love all children, don’t you”, and I say “yes I do, because they are as close to God as you can get” ;)
    P.S. I have a Calico cat named Lilly…and I love her so. I also have two dogs named Max and Gabbie, and their favorite thing to do is clean out Lillys ears, so needless to say, Lilly has the cleanest ears of any cat I know!

  3. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart… thank you.

    I’m not sure if it’s specific to the left hand or if it’s the use of the non-dominant hand. I just know, the writing looks pretty child like.

    I don’t know why it was so hard to share this. It’s another entry I’ve been sitting on for a while. I guess it makes me feel more exposed.

    I guess it’s something to discuss with my therapist today.

  4. For some reason the thought of the dogs cleaning the cats ears gave me a chuckle. And I needed that today.

    I can say this… Rosita is a very scared little girl. I’m trying my best to take care of her, but I’m just as scared of her as she is of the world.

  5. kprsjohn says:

    we saw nothing stupid at all, all we saw was a little girl who had her little girl life taken away from her in the most uncaring way possible. please tell her we think she is a good little girl who deserves to be treated kindly by everyone.


  6. bluepeony says:

    That was a great story. I have done some inner child work myself (and still am!). Some of the stuff that comes out really astonishes me. Isn’t is heartbreaking to know what all our inner children have suffered?

    You will win what you are striving against.

    Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. I’ve appreciated them so much.

  7. It is heart-breaking. I have a hard time dealing with my inner child because she has so much pain. I can only do it in small amounts or it becomes too over-whleming.

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