I’m now the proud grandmother to a baby mourning dove. I happened to catch a glance last night. Unfortunately it looks like only one of the eggs hatched.

I’ve decided to call him/her (no Austin, I’m not going to go peaking under its feathers) “Hope”.

Alas, I wasn’t able to get a picture last night. But I’ll keep looking today.

4 thoughts on “Amazing

  1. aww,


    I was having a bad day yesterday so I went for a nice long walk, I took lots of naturey photos and a few videos on my phone – It’s nice sometimes to look around and see that there is still great beauty in the world…

  2. MayPoles of life says:

    I think that is beautiful…the new life that is. I “think, believe” when a new life begins, whether it is in nature, or our family, it is a sign to me, that life does go on. I am so very thankful that I hold that belief. I not only hold it, I know it. I think God is so very wonderous in His creations. Please enjoy what you view out your window Kathryn.

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