Shower progress

I continue to work on dealing with my fears of the shower. To recap, my main therapeutic strategy is systematic desensitization. Every time I go into the bathroom, I step into the shower for a few minutes. When I started out, just stepping into the shower sent waves of panic rushing through me. I’ve gotten to the point where I can stand there for about four minutes before the panic hits. My anxiety grows, but it’s tolerable. My goal all along has been to stand in the shower for five minutes fully clothed. I’ll then start over with my shirt removed. But that’s a ways off.

On to actually taking a shower. Again, the panic doesn’t hit immediately. I can actually make it about two minutes before I’m so anxious I want to get out. I’m still taking my showers just as fast as I can. But I can see progress.

It’s very slow going. It feels like I’ve been working on this forever. I haven’t. Actually, it’s only been a little over two months. But I’m working on it. And I guess that’s the key.

7 thoughts on “Shower progress

  1. nadcesca says:

    You are doing great! A baby step day by day and you will reach your goal. Just keep in mind that you will feel alot better as you progress. The reward is big! It will also make you proud of yourself. Hug xxx

  2. Good job! That’s an area I’ll have to work on eventually. For now, I’m just accepting that I’ll either dissociate and zip through a shower, or take sponge baths. I can’t imagine how much strength it must be taking to get through the process of actually being present and taking a shower. I’m impressed!

  3. Every time I go to Dollar Tree and see the bubble baths and lotions I think of you and the entry you wrote a long time ago about soaps and lotions from Bath & Body Works. Right now they have some great stuff. With it being close to mothers day and all they’ve got new lotions and things.

    Just leaving that bit of info for you. :-)

    I know how hard it is because I did the same type of re-programming thing you’re doing and I can tell you that the hard work you’re doing pays off.

    Smiles to you and yours,

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