What I like about me

Time for more homework from my therapist… After discussion on a variety of topics, she has given me more homework.

She asked me to try to write things I like about myself. My own self worth is pretty low right now. I blame myself for the things that happened with my family and with James. It was pointed out to me that I’m harder on myself than anyone else will probably ever be. But that’s for a future entry I guess.

So what do I like about me? Blargh. Not much really. It’s so easy to write what I hate about myself. But that wasn’t my assignment. Although it would be an interesting one to do and then to try and write the reasons why those things are not accurate. But I guess that’s an entry for another day as well.

Hmmm… so it seems like I’m doing everything I can not to write this entry, including cleaning my room.

It’s extremely uncomfortable to even entertain the question. I’m so used to focusing on the parts of myself that I don’t like. I’m so used to putting myself down. I’m so used to discounting anything good I’ve done.

For fun, I’m timing how long it takes me to come up with this list. My start time is 10:37 PM.

So here’s my attempt at listing the things I like about myself.

  • I’m curious about how things work.
  • I’m always trying to learn something new.
  • I ask a lot of questions.
  • I’m persistent.
  • I always try to be nice to people, animals, plants and inanimate objects.
  • I try to help out when I can.
  • I’m creative.

It’s now 2:10 AM and I can’t come up with anything else. I haven’t been sitting here for 4 hours beating my head over this. But I have been thinking about it.

As I said when I started, it’s really hard for me to think about this question. My feelings are all jumbled up. Even using my feeling faces, it’s really hard to pick out what I’m feeling. But I think a big part of it is anxious. I know our accomplishments were minimized and our short-comings emphasized while growing up. So there’s that little nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me these things are no big deal. They’re ordinary. And they’re nothing to be proud of.

8 thoughts on “What I like about me

  1. Let me help you add to the list of your positives:
    You are honest even when what you say is painful for you to say.
    You like to teach.
    You enjoy other cultures (Korea)
    You express yourself well
    You have humor which is the sign of an intelligent and well rounded person.
    You set out to improve your life skills which means you are future oriented.
    You do your therapy assignments and take therapy seriously which means on a certain level you understand healing you is worth the time and effort. Otherwise you wouldn’t do the work.
    And you’re probably a good grandmother to the bird that was born in your yard. What’s the update on them by the way?

  2. I hate that – when good things are overlooked just because they’re ‘ordinary’ (also I hate when bad things are ordnary and so people assume that stops them being bad…)

    The qualities that you listed about yourself are fantastic – and they’re not so ordinary as you might think!

    You’ve listed the qualities of a fun, interesting and genuinely caring person – which you are! – and those people are rare.

    I can understand it must have been difficult for you to come up with these, and I can understand that you keep doubting yourself, and keep thinking “no you’re nothing special and that doesn’t mean anything and you shouldn’t try to take credit for simply doing what’s expected of you!” but that voice is wrong and in writing this post you’ve taken the first steps to kicking that voice to the curb; You’ve written (however reluctantly) the things that you like about yourself, and I think they’re among the countless other things that other people like about you too!

    Well done – You’ve outlined above how spectacular you are :) And we all knew you were.

  3. My therapist has given me homework too… I’m sposed to write a letter…


    … I’ll do it later …

  4. You have courage and commitment to face reality, even when it is painful.

    Well done, and I am one of those who appreciates your kindness and helpfulness.

  5. I have a hard time with things like this too but you know what? Anything positive that you can think of about yourself is something to be proud of. Really, it is.

  6. kprsjohn says:

    just being a survivor is an accomplishment to the nth degree, try not to sell yourself short, you are so much more. you raise peoples feelings about themselves by your thoughtfulness and kindness and recognition of thier accomplishments, don’t minimize yours.

    peace and blessings


  7. Oh wow. Oh my. I’m totally speechless.

    I talked about this in my session today. I’m still trying to process it all.

    As for my bird family, they flew away. One of the eggs hatched and I only got one peek at the baby.

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