Mask Homework – Part 1

My therapist gave me an assignment on Wednesday. It’s looking at the differences in the emotions I display to the world versus the emotions I keep inside. As it’s a tiny bit easier to show my emotions online, I decided to focus on what I do in real life. What I mean is I’m more likely to say what I’m really feeling writing here in this blog or in an IM chat with a friend than I would talking face to face with friends in real life.

The assignment is to take a mask and on the outside of it list the emotions you show to the world. On the inside of it list, list the emotions that you keep inside. The second part (for a entry later this weekend) is to explain why you put the emotions on the mask you did. So if you put happy on the outside and sad on the inside, why do you do that?

So, I found a very simple line drawing of a face through Google and pasted two copies of it into Paint (I ran out of patience trying to do this in The GIMP). I added text headers. I also erased the eyes, mouth and nose on the inside mask. I then took my feeling faces image and cut and pasted the relevant ones onto the correct mask. And as I was procrastinating on the second part (a little too much to deal with) I colored it.

It was an interesting exercise to do. I’ll write more about that in part 2.

For anyone who wants to do this exercise, the masks can be found here, and the feeling faces can be found here. You’ll need to reduce the faces down to about 70% of original. And the eyes on the outward mask are blue. I forgot I had saved it after coloring them in.

4 thoughts on “Mask Homework – Part 1

  1. kprsjohn says:

    relatively simple things like this can bring some insight into how and what we say and do and show to those around us.
    thank you for sharing this with us and we bet quite a few do try this or at least it will get them thinking about it.

    peace and blessings


  2. You’re quite welcome keepers. It is sometimes the simplest things that help us move forward.

    I’m working on part two of the assignment right now. That’s turning out to be harder than I ever imagined.

  3. I once attended a weekend long mask-making workshop. We began by drawing but we all went home with a mask made from the plaster stuff that casts used to be made of. When I left I had gained a great deal of insight and a strong desire to move forward. I did keep up the self-revealing momentum through painting.

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