A quick update


I do realize that I haven’t posted for a few days. I’m sorry if I’ve worried anyone.

Between me worrying about my preparations for moving and packing and dealing with my family, I’ve been completely overwhelmed.

My visa should arrive tomorrow (Monday) and I’m scheduled to fly to South Korea on Tuesday evening. For those who haven’t heard, I took a job as an ESL teacher in Ulsan, South Korea.

There probably won’t be any updates until Friday (at the earliest).

If you’d like the address of my blog about my stay in Korea, please email me. My family will be reading that one and I don’t want that blog associated with this one in any way, shape or form.

6 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. kprsjohn says:

    We did not know you had taken the position! Please let us all know you arrived safely. You will still be posting here won’t you? WE don’t want to lose contact with you.

    Have a safe trip!

    peace and blessings


  2. Yes, I didn’t know about the position either. Also, I too would like to know if you will be keeping both blogs up and running. I will email you nonetheless just o keep track of you wherever you are.

    All the best and I hope everything goes smoothly. Best of luck there and I hope you enjoy it.


  3. Hi, I just tried to email you but I got a bounce…could you give me access or whatever, however? You know where to find me via my blog and email…

    Thanks and take care,

  4. Thanks everyone.
    For those who tried to email and had it bounce, I apologize. I used a website to munge the email with ASCII characters but apparently it isn’t working too well.
    I’ll try sending myself an email and if it bounces, then I’ll just go back the way it was.
    Edit… worked for me… but I’ll put it back the way it was

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