I had a particularly nasty panic attack earlier today.  I know what brought it on.  I don’t really feel like writing about it because I don’t want to trigger the panic again.  Yeah.  Avoidance.  Not the best coping strategy, but it’s working right now.

I ended up taking an Ativan and going for a walk.  I bought a wireless router, but I have no idea how to set it up.  So I’m waiting on advice from my genius brother.

4 thoughts on “Panic

  1. kprsjohn says:

    we hope the panic lessens and the calmness returns. thinking of you lots.

    peace and blessings


  2. Thanks keepers.

    I’m much calmer now. It was time limited, which was good.

    And the good news is my wireless router is set up. Only one of the two computers is able to see it…. but that’s a small detail.

  3. If I had to choose between the debilitating panic and the Ativan, I’d choose the Ativan in a heart beat.

    All meds have their good points and bad points. Some have more bad points than good points.

    I think you get into the most trouble with the benzos if you have a tendency to abuse substances and you don’t take it as prescribed.

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