Trauma’s affect on the brain

A new study is out that shows evidence that children who have PTSD have differently functioning brains than normal controls.

In a response inhibition task, children with PTSD used different areas of their brains to perform the task.

Article seen here.

7 thoughts on “Trauma’s affect on the brain

  1. Hi katm~

    I don’t know what made me come by and check out your blog…but I’m so glad I did!

    Bravo to you…for being so open and honest!

    I too lived in Asia for sometime (only 3 months) I was in the theater for many years and my career took me to Japan (Kobe and Kyoto) and I TOO would love to return!

    My flight actually had a layover in Korea (1 hr )…so I can at least say I was THERE.

    Asia felt very “special” to me. I actually cried when I left.

    Anyway…thanks for taking the time to help me this evening…you know how “frantic” we can become with our BLOGS!!!!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks for stopping by Ron. I’m glad you got your blog issues sorted out.

    And thank you for your kind words. Writing this blog is challenging most times. But it has become a very important part of my healing.

    I can say I was in Japan. The last time I flew home I had a layover in Tokyo :)

  3. The biochemistry of a person with PTSD is different than that of a person without it. Our adrenaline glands sometimes react differently do to when they were over worked during trauma.


  4. I read this and it helps to hear. It gives reason to things that people just can’t seem to get control of…although I know it can get better–I’m proof.

    Also reading your posts about your recent sickness—just saying a prayer for you now…

  5. Susan says:

    Hello, I am susan a 31 yr old single mother of three lil boys who was left heartbroken after the death of the very man I loved and father of my children, but not near as damaged as I was at 12 when an uncle touched me for the first time, the voice that I had, so strong, and well heard, became silent. Silent for 13 more years, for he took advantage of me in every week stop of my life, He knew when days were worst for me, when I had taken too much medication so therefore I was drugged, or knocked out, which made it so easy for him to “get me”, I can remember him putting headphones on my head, and a pillow over my face to “make it easier”, What the HELL?? After years of being silent, I came out, much to my family’s demise….. I was actually accused of having affair with my aunt’s husband!?! Like I enjoyed each sexual act he forced me to do.. I hated him more than anything, but hated my family just as much. June 25 2007, I experienced my first “stress induced” seizure which has once again stopped my life. Most therapist say that I’m as sane and well spoken as they are, so they aren’t sure how to help me. This has taken my job, my license, my ability to ride my horses alone, keep my children alone, and even take a bath without someone being in the house. I have had several (4) suicide attempts, but I’m still here. I still walk out of ICU with this dreaded life that I live. Has anyone else experienced these seizures? Someone help me find my voice.

  6. Katm, I am seeing a theapist, and have been for years. different ones, many different ones. At this point, this has taken over my life, and I hate it so much… I don’t know where to turn anymore. SUSAN

  7. Hi Susan.

    What happened to your is horrible. Your families reaction is even worse.

    I’ve never experienced a seizure from the stress of all of this. I’ve had episodes of dissociation, depersonalization and derealization though. It’s so frightening.

    Can you find a therapist that deals specifically with abuse survivors? They are generally better equipped to deal with clients who look like they’re functioning on the surface, but deep down inside they’re dying.

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