Back home

Just a quick note to say I’m back home.

After 10 days of IV antibiotics the doctor judged my chest sufficiently better enough to let me go.  That’s not to say everything is hunky dory.  I have to go back on Thursday for a follow up.  Hopefully my lungs will behave and have improved even more.

I swear if I see a tray with rice, soup and kimchi on it any time soon, I’ll scream.  Ten days times three meals a day is a hell of a lot of rice.

On a related note, I had some really bad flashbacks/dissociation while having a CT done last Monday.  I wrote a blog entry on paper (so I guess that makes it a journal entry) but I’m too tired to type it up tonight.

I’m off to bed to try to get some sleep.

3 thoughts on “Back home

  1. kprsjohn says:

    sorry you got a bit more rice than intended. but at least you are feeling better!!! know we are thinking of you and hope you continue to recuperate, seems everyone we know is sick right now or has a sick child!!

    peace, blessings and wellness


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