Gotta love computers

I wasn’t happy with just having my laptop dual booting between Ubuntu and Vista. Nah. I had given up on the XP/Vista/Ubuntu triple boot idea mostly because the XP Pro CD I have doesn’t have the right drivers for my SCSI hard drive.

In working through the terminal stuff with Eric, he sort of turned me onto the idea of trying Fedora Core. So we came up with a partitioning scheme that will allow me to triple boot among Vista, Ubuntu and Fedora Core 7.

The partitioning was the easy part. Once I remembered that I had to reboot after wiping out the last three of the four partitions I already had setup, it went flawlessly.

For the curious, my partition table looks like:

  • /dev/sda1 — Vista
  • /dev/sda2 — Shared data
  • /dev/sda3 — Swap
  • /dev/sda4 — An extended partition containing…
    • /dev/sda5 — Ubuntu 7.04
    • /dev/sda6 — Fedora Core 7
    • /dev/sda7 — /home
    • /dev/sda8 — /tmp

So now I’m at the point where I’m ready to scream. My first attempt was a failure. I didn’t pay attention to the GRUB (bootloader) screens when I installed Fedora so I ended up not being able to boot into Ubuntu. Thankfully I was still able to get into Windows.

After consulting with Eric, I decided the easiest thing to do was reinstall Fedora and add Ubuntu into GRUB. So I did that.

Failure again. Although I now have the option of booting into Ubuntu, I still can’t because it throws an error at me. But again, at least I can still get into Windows.

So now I’m off to try to mount my Ubuntu partition in Fedora through some CLI magic (and it really is magic to me) and then find the names of vmlinux and initrd (whatever those might be).

9 thoughts on “Gotta love computers

  1. I remember when I accidentally destroyed my ubuntu installation when a partition program cashed half-way through resizing some partitions. My set-up was ubuntu/XP dual boot and the MBT ended up in complete disarray.

    I ended up having to repair my XP installation so that I could actually get anything done, then recover my data from there after some long hours spent searching for any software that could access broken linux filesystems. I got most of the important stuff, fortunately.

    Hope your adventures in bootloading go smoothly.

  2. This might as well have been written in Chinese. LOL. I have no idea what you’re talking about but that’s okay. I came by to check on my friend. I see she’s pulling her hair out because of computer issues.

    That one word in any language means poor performance and frustration. Anyone using Vista is now missing several handfuls of hair. That much I do know.

    Maybe I missed this but did you ever name the bear?

    smiles to you and yours,

  3. @EC… ouch that sounds more than painful. I tried the gparted Live CD first. It couldn’t read my hard drive or something. I don’t know if it was a bad burn or what. So I used gparted on the Ubuntu Live CD. gparted is a nice little program.

    @Austin… Several handfuls? Mine is finally growing back. I was completely bald when I started using it. Biggest pile of crap MS has ever put out. I’d run XP but the install CD I have doesn’t have drivers for my SCSI hard drive. So it basically says “Hey stupid. Stick a hard drive in your computer if you want to install Windows”. And yeah. I named him. I just forgot to post.

  4. i’m with Austin, it’s all Greek to me. I just turn on my computer and if it works, I use it, if it doesn’t I call my daughter for help! I could easily see a computer as just another abuser in my life! lol

  5. Windows Vista is stupid. It’s stupid because it’s overprotective and loves to hog on the computers resources. The best thing I ever did in my life was letting Windows XP remain on my machine when I installed Vista. One just has to agree, more than half of the software companies in the world still don’t have Vista compatible versions and that’s a pain.

    I used to have 3 OS on my computer once. Those were WinXP, Windows 2000 Me and Windows 98. I had to keep all three because the versions of Oracle and Visual Basic I had refused to work on Windows XP. Then one day a friend of mine severely badmouthed me for having three Windows installed. That’s when I uninstalled everything and installed XP. Then one day, I managed to get my hands on Windows Vista and installed that too in excitement. However, it’s been disappointing. I haven’t tried any other platform except MS. I think I should do that soon.

  6. Vista….


    It’s pretty. That’s all I can say about it. UAC drives me batty. Why the heck do I need to elevate my privileges to flush my DNS cache?

    Do try a Unix variant. I love Fedora and I’ve only used it for less than a day. Ubuntu is good too. Gnome is more dumbed down than KDE. But it sounds like you could find your way around almost anything.

    Thanks for popping by, btw.

  7. Ys says:

    I thought I was computer literate but that just makes no sense to me! I was thinking of getting VISTA on the new laptop i’m getting some time early next year… after reading the comments I’m wondering whether to get XP instead…

  8. @ risingrainbow “I could easily see a computer as just another abuser in my life! lol”

    LOL Too funny.

    My borderline computer, I never know what mood he’ll be in, never know if he’ll hold back or perform. Never know if he’ll abandon me (lock up) before I abandon him (throw him out the window.) Our love is sick but we stay together for the keys (keyboard.) I don’t want my keys to grow up without a monitor. so I stay in this relationship hoping things will get better, but it doesn’t. One can hope, like a man using Vista, one can hope for the best knowing full well a crash is inevitable.


  9. LOL Austin. That’s too funny. A borderline computer.

    @Ys… What I was doing you’d never do in Vista. Vista has it’s own quirks, but you’ll never have to try to whip GRUB into submission.

    And now I’m off to boot into Fedora. I have my completed grub.conf file. I’ll load up emacs (and feel really dumb) and try to edit the file. Wish me luck.

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