Another introduction


I forgot to let everyone know that I picked a name for Tedders’ friend.

I’d like to introduce to you,


(courtesy of Austin)

Twix Bars are probably one of my favorite chocolate treats. The whole crunch, chewy, richness makes me a happy camper. I must see if they sell them at Lotte Mart.

8 thoughts on “Another introduction

  1. I looked when I was shopping last night. They do indeed sell Twix at Lotte. However, at this point, I can’t justify spending roughly six dollars for a bag of the little mini Twix bars. I’ll keep looking to see if somewhere sells the full sized 2 bar packages. That should be within my price range.

  2. Emilie says:

    Twix! Well, I like Crunchie and Hersheys, and Toblerone. And nougats. I wanted to name my rabbit Skittles, but I ended up naming her Cuddles instead. My friend named her cat Togi. and my neighbour and I named a stray cat we cleaned up Toblerone. XD

  3. smilie29 says:

    Why don’t you get a pet? It has been scientifically proven that animals can help and building characteristics. (got it from a newspaper) Or something like that. All in all, it makes you happier!

  4. I’m living in South Korea right now and I’m not sure if I’ll stay past the end of my contract (roughly another 8 months). So I don’t want to get a pet. And even if I stay after my contract ends, I’ll probably end up going to a different school (I’m not real pleased with the folks running the one I’m at now).

  5. smilie29 says:

    Oh. I see. Fish don’t live very long…What? My fish committed suicide by jumping outta the fishbowl and later having me step on him in the dark. =.=” But fish are good for therapy, too!

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