Serach Terms

It’s been a while since I talked about the search terms that bring people here. Many of them are people looking for information on rape and sexual abuse. I’m glad to know that people are stumbling into my blog and I hope it has been helpful for them.

I’ve gotten a lot of hits (at one point I was getting one or two a day) for “Alyssa Lies”. I hope that after reading my blog, those people understand the song a little bit better.

In the last week, I’ve been getting a bunch of hits from people doing various computer related searches.

  • initrd kernel for ubuntu 7.04

I wish I could help you with this one. I’m still not sure what initrd is.

  • dev/sda1 boot vista fedora

Just make sure you really mean sda, not hda and get thee into grub to fine tune your bootloader.

  • best partitioning scheme ubuntu vista

Vista has to be installed on a NTSF partition. If you have any data you want to share with your Ubuntu install, you’ll need a data partition formatted as FAT32. Don’t forget your swap and temp partitions. You’ll need to make your last primary partition an extended one so you can get around the 4 primary partition limit.

  • can’t boot fc7 kernel

I feel your pain. Is grub being a bad boy again? Or is your kernel bad? You did back up a working kernel, right?

  • vista fc7 bootloader

Go forth and whip grub into submission. It can be done. You have the power!

  • vista boot fc7

Yes. It’s possible. Just get grub to be a good boy.

  • grub.conf ubuntu 7.04

If you’re just booting Ubuntu, then don’t worry too much about grub. Now if you want Windows or another Linux distro along with Ubuntu, then you have to make sure grub behaves.

  • triple boot vista xp and ubuntu 7.04

It can be done in theory. My XP installer didn’t like my hard drive so I gave up. Grub is your friend. A slightly dysfunctional friend that will drive you insane. But your friend, none the less.

  • ubuntu play m4a

mplayer is a lovely thing. It’ll play almost anything you throw at it. You have to build it yourself. Make sure you have gcc and g++ installed from the developer tools. Then it’s just configure, make, make install. Let it grind away for a bit and then bingo. Oh yes. Having the right codecs helps too.

I’m sure these poor folks got the shock of their life when they saw my severe lack of knowledge (and the general whining nature of my posts). And they were probably even more shocked if they read anything else on the blog.

To all those looking for Linux help, I have always thought the forums at are a treasure trove of wisdom. And the folks there seem pretty nice to noobs as well. As usual, Google is your friend. And having your own personal Linux guru doesn’t hurt things either. In fact it may make your life a hell of a lot easier. Extra points if your guru actually lives on the same continent as you do.

4 thoughts on “Serach Terms

  1. As I recall (and the last time I was running Ubuntu was back when Hoary was the latest release), you can grab mplayer from the multiverse repository.

    The people in the irc channel #ubuntu were incredibly helpful when I was trying to get my system set-up. I had a few hardware issues and they always managed to point me in the right direction.

    I’d managed to get everything set up as a ubuntu/xp dual boot system, but my graphics card/monitor combo was presenting problems and I couldn’t get my wireless networking card to work (weird chipset apparently – it took quite a lot of research to find out what drivers were needed and how to compile them). I spent a lot of time booting into XP so that I could actually contact the rest of the world and find out how to fix these things, then booting into Ubuntu to try stuff.

  2. Damn.

    I didn’t know it was in the repositories. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to build it (and it was good practice for me). But man. My life would have been a hell of a lot easier when I started out if it was in the repositories.

    I’m in Fedora right now so I can’t search… well I can. I’ll see what yum has to say about it.

    Not that it really matters, it’s already build for Fedora.

    Now getting the codecs is another matter. I’m currently wrestling with getting BOINC up and running. So that’s a project for tomorrow. Meanwhile, my old laptop is sitting here half closed (or the damn thing will overheat) and playing music.

  3. I always laugh at some of the things that bring people to my blogs as well. Sometimes, I just wonder what they were even thinking and then sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. Life can really be a trip.

  4. I shall leave no smart butt comments on your blog today about computers and the foreign concept of programming them. If it weren’t for people able to do this I’d be hand writing my blog and stuck with local radio stations. Dear Lord, how did the pre-PC era survive?


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