Status update

Not much to say.  I’m stressed with the crud that’s going on at work.  It should temporarily decrease at roughly noon on Thursday.  Next week we have vacation for the Korean thanksgiving.   I’m looking forward to vegging out in front of the computer and/or TV.

I’m still fighting with my computer to make it behave the way I want it to.  My current issue is with Java.  Oh why can’t things just be
easy.  And in trying to get Java and Firefox to play nice together I ended up creating something I didn’t want to.  Oh why can’t the FAQs be noob friendly.  How was I supposed to know that the thing they wrote on two lines really belonged on one long line?

I’m tired.  I’m going to bed.  Hopefully I’ll sleep.

3 thoughts on “Status update

  1. Korean thanksgiving? Okayyyyyyy…..I’ll have to do a Wiki look up on that one. But it does mean vacation for you so good. Hey, we might be able to chat some time. Yeah!!!


  2. kprsjohn says:

    sounds like Chusok is coming just in time for you!!! Hope you get to enjoy it and the time off etc

    peace and blessings


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