Theme Change

Yeah. I’m bored with the other theme. I changed over to “Neat”. It’s OK. I can take it or leave it. I cropped a new header. Meh. Whatever.

I can’t get excited about anything. It’s Friday and I’m relieved. If I can make it through grocery shopping tonight, then I don’t have to worry about leaving the apartment again until Monday morning.

7 thoughts on “Theme Change

  1. I’m too puter illiterate to get into themes. and changing to wordpress totally intimidated me. I think you’re doing great to have such skills with your blog.

  2. And I’m too cheap to buy the CSS upgrade and too lazy to bother learning enough CSS to tweak a theme.

    I’d claim mad computer skillz, but changing themes here is as simple as clicking a link.

  3. I too am bored with the themes that are available. I can get the upgrade but I know tweaking one theme will just lead to another and another, etc. I like the header image you have chosen for this one and I like the flowers too. :-)

  4. the header theme is very pretty but after a while one does want to change things, right? hope your weekend was restful and relaxing.

    peace and blessings


  5. Ys says:

    The WordPress layouts scare me — I’m a HTML girl through and through.

    I think this layout looks great :)

  6. Thanks. It’s growing on me. The dark color fits my mood right now.

    Thankfully I’m too lazy to learn CSS. My HTML skill are ummmmmmmmmmm…. mediocre at best.

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