And that’s why…

I’ve been have the same general nightmare over and over again for the last week or so.  I don’t understand it.  And I only remember the very end of it.  I never know what leads up to the ending.

I’m usually outside talking to a faceless person.  I can’t even tell if the person is male or female.   The only part I remember of the dream is handing this person some broken object and saying “And that’s why I’d make a bad _______.”

The one that shook me up the most was me handing the person a teddy bear with its head ripped off and saying “And that’s why I’d make a bad mother.”.  Variation of the dream include smashed up computer/bad programmer, broken dishes/bad chef, ripped up book/bad teacher and dead flower/gardener.

The dreams are just weird.

8 thoughts on “And that’s why…

  1. You’re “bad” because you break things. … everything you touch goes sour or gets harmed in some way. There seems to be a huge sense of responsibility for what goes wrong around you.


  2. how much this reminds me of the post I just wrote called “menace.”

    You haven’t yet broken me; you make a good friend.

  3. @Austin.

    You’re very right. I’ve always been overly responsible. I was very much leaned on as a child to take care of my brothers. I’m always apologizing for stuff that may not have been my fault.


    Thanks. That means a lot to me.

  4. morbidinsanity says:

    Oh, nightmares!!! i’m insomniac and when i get to sleep i alwyas have nightmares =/ and i’m always dying or someone is trying to kill me or is something completely strange…

  5. thememoryartist says:

    I think these recurring dreams usually have really important messages. They can be so weird, but the recurrence means that it is some issue that is really pressing through and needs tending to.

    ~ wishing you peaceful sleep katm

  6. miquiecrew says:

    we have been having a lot of nightmares ourselfs and it is not fun. sorry to hear that your nights have been harder recently …

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