/me bangs head on desk

I could scream.  I’m trying to stay positive, but it just isn’t working.  I could use like a month vacation.  I had a parent complain about me at work.  I was yelling at her precious son.  That kid was disruptive when I had him in a preschool class.  He’s just as disruptive now that he’s in an elementary school class.  All the teachers know what a nightmare it is to have him in a class.  Every time I walked into that room, I wanted to jump out of the window.  The other 13 kids in the class were fine.  It’s just this one student.  So mom called and complained about me.  I shouldn’t have made him write sentences to punish him.  We can no longer kick kids out of class when they’re disruptive.  Putting him in the corner was a joke because he would make faces behind my back.  He’s just a kid.  Yes.  I get he’s a first grader.  But there are 13 other first graders in that class and a good 60 other first graders in the school who can come to class and not disrupt their classmates.  Hell, there are kids in the preschool who are about 3.5 years old who come in and sit down and listen to their teacher.  Plain fact is, he doesn’t behave like this in his public school.  But because mom is paying to send him to our school, he can do whatever he wants.

So, because this parent complained about me, I got pulled from the class.  That’s kinda of a shame, because I actually liked the other kids in the class and I enjoyed teaching them.  I got switched with a coworker.  I walked into our office after finding out (already shook up) and got jumped on by one of the other teachers.  She felt like I was getting preferential treatment.  As in, I got taken out of a class with a known troublemaker.  She didn’t get why I shouldn’t have to teach those classes.  Hell, I never asked for it.  And it’s not like the class I got switched to is any better (although it’s not any worse).

I’m just tired.  I was ready to quit today.  I’m 99% certain I’ll sign a contract for another year.  That goes down to about 40% if they don’t offer me more money.

Being upbeat all the time….  it’s basically performing for the kids all morning.  I never want to hear “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” ever again.  But I get to sing it every freaking day for the rest of the month in 5 classes a day.  That’s 25 times a week.

Hell’s bells.  I really do love my job.  But when you have days like this…

11 thoughts on “/me bangs head on desk

  1. Yuck!
    If he wants to be disruptive give him a forum for it. I wonder if he’d simply find no use for it anymore. I don’t mean humiliate the kid. Maybe take 5 min for his clown time, direct your attention to him, let him know you see him, see if he decides his attention seeking isn’t fun anymore. Just a thought. You might also ask the other teachers what they’d do.

    If you hate the song now just think of the damage it’s doing to the kids. LOL Perhaps the little child is singing the song at home to his parents and getting on their nerves. Lets hope.

    Sorry it was such a hard day….goodness. If you’re pissed and you know it raise your fist. If you’re pissed and you know it raise your fist. If you’re pissed and you know it then your blood pressure will surely show it. If you’re pissed and you know it raise your fist. Yeee Hawwwl


  2. It’s a moot point now. I no longer have the class. Thing is, if I put him on the floor next to my desk, he did fine. But that’s when I had them doing simple worksheets. Now that they have their math books, I have to explain the word problems and stuff (they can’t read very well yet). So putting him on the floor away from other kids wouldn’t work. He’s just a class clown. And if mom thinks his new math teacher isn’t going to yell at him as well, she’s got another thing coming. It takes a lot for me to yell at a kid. Jon isn’t so nice to them.

    And god I love your version of the song. I might just sing that to my shasha kids today. It’s not like they understand any English anyway.

  3. There days and then there are days! Sorry for the one you had. Don’t you just hate it when some mother who puts up with her child’s misbehaving gets her way? Keep us posted on the other teacher and how they do, should be interesting.

    sending warm hugs


  4. Aliman Sears says:

    I can relate to banging my head on a desk!! But first: I asked the question about the strange text stuff on WordPress. I’m running Firefox and Windows 98 (I think). I have popup blockers, I think. Strange it only happens sometimes. It’s a pain.

    I was a latch-key teacher, and a parent complained because I yelled at her her precious, sweet, innocent 7 year old daughter. She was actually from the devil, and incited riotous behavior in the rest of the kids, and viciously mocked me at every turn. I was appalled. After that, the director totally tied my hands, and so this little devil got to do ANYTHING she wanted in the classroom…the rules didn’t apply to her. The other kids were confused, and some of the more aware kids were understandably upset. The worst part of it was that the little brat KNEW that she had “won” and completely had the upper hand on me. I was ready to leave that job anyway, and after that I left. I moved onto something easier…dealing with hardened federal criminals. Much easier than 7 year olds. Aloha, Aliman.

  5. ugh. really frustrating when you have to deal with parents who insist the problem is the teacher, and not their child. (not to say that it’s *never* the teacher, but more often i see parents who won’t take responsibility, and won’t expect their children to take responsibility either).

    and sorry about the other teacher who is jealous of this “preferential treatment.”

    i hope things ease up a little, and that the year finishes on a much better note.

  6. “give the kid an espresso just prior to sending the kid home.”
    Dissfunktional your mind works in sick ways. I love it!!!! Give him just enough junk food to not give him a tummy ache, give him a soft drink and send him home. Oh gracious….
    Is this considered abuse? Cause we could always go low saturated fat on the treats and just leave the high sugar content. As a kid he’ll burn the calories off and kind of even out the bad food intake thing.

    Austin <— childless for a reason

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