I had a horrible day today.  A big part of it is sleep deprivation again.  I’m finding when the insomnia hits, so do the migraines.  I blame part of the sleep problems on my bed.  Up until last night I was sleeping on what amounted to a mattress and box spring combined into one mounted on four legs.  About 6 months ago, the springs in it started to pop.  So I ended up sleeping in a depression with no support for my back.  Yesterday the nice little delivery men brought my new bed.  At least it’s a proper bed this time with a frame and everything.  Unfortunately, I think my floor might be softer than the mattress.  I’m going to look at the store tomorrow to see what sort of solution I can come up with.  I certainly didn’t get much sleep last night.

I was short with the kids all day.  I’m really tired of singing “C is for Cookie”.  Now I have classes requesting it.  I ripped into a first grader for acting like a 3 year in class.  Usually I just ignore him.  But I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I ripped into two second graders in another class because they had no idea what the homework I had just assigned was.  On the way back to my office after that class, I tripped on the steps, landed on top of my basket (we tote our books and stuff around in big plastic baskets), broke it and bruiseded my wrist.

I walked into my office and broke down in tears.  The other foreign teachers thought I had really hurt myself.  I didn’t.  It was the culmination of everything.

I so need to sleep.  Tomorrow night, I’m totally drugging myself with Ativan.  If I sleep through Saturday, oh well.  At least I’ll get some sleep.  And I will stay at the store long enough tomorrow night to get something to put down on my mattress so I don’t bruise.

4 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad day. I hate when insomnia takes over and I can’t sleep. I’m lucky that I don’t get migraines though. I’m sure that really sucks.

    Hope your day goes better.

  2. Thanks Steve.

    I did get a new bed. And because the mattress the school bought was so hard (I swear my floor is softer) I immediately invested in a sleeping pad (for lack of a better term – a thin-ish mattress that Koreans put on the floor)

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