Let’s just say I slept last night. A quarter of a milligram of Halcion put me out for almost 18 hours. I’ve never taken it before, and I’ve taken just about every sleep medication known to man.

I managed to drag myself out of bed about 2 PM. Food and showering helped wake me up. I had to buy a birthday gift, so I needed to get out. I wandered around old downtown for about 2 hours. I got the gift I needed plus some hair clips and a pair of sunglasses.

The doctor gave me two doses of the Halcion. Trust me, I won’t be taking it on a night when I have to go to work the next day and I’ll be splitting the dose the next time I take it.

It did feel good to sleep though. It was that blessed, dreamless, deep sleep. It was the kind of sleep I really needed to recharge my batteries. Hopefully I’ll get another good night’s sleep tonight. And hopefully I’ll be ready to face the work week on Monday.

2 thoughts on “Halcion

  1. definitely glad you got a good long sleep. i hope that splitting the dose will give you the same solid sleep, for a shorter amount of time. sleep well!

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