If it were only this easy…

1, 2, 3...  Sleep!

I’m awake. It’s 4:12 AM. I’ve been having strange dreams all night, none of which I can remember. My nose is so full of snot, I’m going to have to buy a ginormous package of tissues tomorrow (errrr today) when I go to the store.

Other than that, life is going swimmingly. I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The weather sucks. My apartment is a mess. I’ve been ignoring all of my blogs. The usual for me.

I’m off to try to get some sleep. I could use a week of uninterrupted, dreamless sleep. I just wish I could remember those weird dreams I’ve been having lately. I’m sure they’re significant in some way, but I just can’t remember them. I’ve even tried the notebook by the bed to write them down as soon as I wake up. No dice. It’s like “poof!” when I wake up.

OK, enough babbling. Nighty night.

14 thoughts on “If it were only this easy…

  1. hope you get some good sleep soon.

    my partner is always wishing for a video recorder for her dreams, because even if she does remember them, she can never fully convey what they’re like. maybe you need one of those, too. (i don’t think they actually exist, though.)

    and i hope you get over your cold soon, too.

  2. A dream recorder. That would be fun. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t want to see some of my dreams played back.

    There are days when I long for a nice sterile room with no little germ factories in them. Actually I don’t think I can blame this on the kids. All us teachers (8 of us in a room that probably has the same square footage of a small studio apartment) are passing the same cold back and forth.

  3. Yup! Several nights of dreamless sleep would be top of the list of my three wishes. Just give me dreamless sleep.


  4. Hope you sleep better tonight- as for a dream recorder that would be amazing, you could review the night befores sleep while fighting that nights insomina

  5. Ys says:

    I really hope you manage to get some sleep. not-sleeping is the worst type of deprivation because it’s something you need so much to do pretty much everything. the only thing i can suggest is to read in bed to try to make you sleepy, and to not go near the computer cos that always keeps you awake.

  6. I gave up last night and drugged myself. I needed the sleep. It was an interesting night with the Halcion and whatever the decongestant the doc prescribed fighting against each other. At least I slept reasonably well.

    I’m off for the evening. Gonna hope the crap in my ear drains before morning.

  7. sorry for all of the problems sleeping and we hope this latest bout ends with successful and restful sleep

    peace and blessings


  8. Decongestants always mess with my mind. Increased agitation and paranoia.

    For remembering dreams, I find that if I lie still when I wake and think about the dream, I have a better chance of getting it reasonably straight in my mind, and then I can write it down. Moving too fast, or grabbing the pen too soon, can chase it away.

  9. I tried your tip the other night, Marcy. It worked like a charm. It wasn’t a nightmare, per se. Just a *really* weird dream.

  10. Woo-hoo! And glad it wasn’t a nightmare. I rather like really weird dreams. I feel it’s a path, a connection to my inner self, that I don’t really get any other way.

  11. On the other hand, I’m not sure there’s all that much I can learn from the dream the other night where I was playing a street performance with the Bee Gees. Yeah. That was just odd.

  12. When I cant sleep, I read a book and after a while, my eyes are heavy and it is easy to sleep.
    Dreams are great thing. I mostly remember the morning dreams. Just yesterday I dreamt that I was at school to finish this semester and everybody who I needed was there. So I went to the school that day and really I found there everybody who I needed :-) But this morning I had a nightmare and I woke up because I was yelling. I saw a ghost in my dreams… Or a very usual dream is when somebody tries to kill me… I wonder what that means :-D

  13. Sleep is mildly improved. I, however, like an idiot, managed to trash my sleep cycle over the weekend.

    I was trying to fix my computer Saturday night and ended up staying up until 3 am online with people trying to help me. After tossing and turning until 4, I took a Halcion. I slept until 11. Bugger. Then I was reinstalling my OS (for the third time in 3 days) and fell asleep watching TV as the half a gig of updates were downloading and installing (for the 3rd flipping time).

    I took 2 Ativan and 9:30 PM and was out. It’s now 7:15 AM. I don’t have to be up for another hour, so I’m going to attempt to get a few more minutes of shut eye.

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