I really love this piece. It’s so peaceful. It speaks of hope and renewal and rebirth. I’m not sure why I’ve been into doing water in my artwork lately. But it’s a nice change from some of the horrible images I was doing.

Overall, I’ve been feeling more positive lately. Making the decision and signing my new contract has some to do with it. Better sleep has a lot to do with it.
Right now, I finally feel right in my skin. I don’t know how long this will last. I know I’ll have ups and downs. This is definitely a nice respite from the downs.

Not all is roses, but I feel like I can deal with the thorns.

5 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Ys says:

    I’m glad your experiencing an up time :) And it’s so great to see some of your art work, I’m a great believer in art healing.

  2. I think water is representative of inner peace not just in art but in dreams too. I certainly see the peace in this art. I really like it. The strokes are so different than the tree that’s bending in the wind. The tree has a lot of anxiety in it and is split nearly down the middle as apposed to split by a horizon. Both are quite expressive and good.

    I know what you mean when you say that it feels good to get chalk on your hands. I feel the same way about paint.

    Good to see you getting your fingers dirty again. I always enjoy your artwork.


  3. Ya know, I meant to look up the meaning of water in dreams because some of my artwork is inspired by random dream images.

    I did realize that even both pieces dealt with water, the underlying meaning of the water was very different.

    I have some old work on my external drive that I should bring over to my laptop so I can crop it and stuff.

    And thank you Austin. I’ve been inspired a great deal by you and your artwork.

  4. kprsjohn says:

    able to handle the thorns is a really great way to put it, we are very happy for your being in a better place, and we are enjoying your artwork also!

    peace and blessings


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