Weird Dreams

Sometimes I think it would be easier to handle the nightmares. I don’t understand them, per se. But at least I’m used to them. They distress me, yes. But I’ve gotten better at just letting them go.

Lately, I’ve found myself dreaming of weird stuff. Not nightmare material, just weird. People who I haven’t though about in years show up in my dreams. People I never want to think about again show up in my dreams. Many of them are acquaintances from high school. I’d say friends, but that really isn’t the case. I had only had a handful (three at the most) real friends in high school. Many of them are people I knew from band. Yes, I was a band nerd. You aren’t surprised, are you?

I’m finding these people are mostly folks who’ve contacted me on Facebook. I have no problem adding them as FB friends. It’s kind of nice to see what some of them are up to. I’m guessing the renewed contact with them is why they’re invading my dreams.

But the situations in the dreams are just so damn weird. OK, here’s an example from a few nights ago. For some reason I was going back to college for a degree in physics (holy heavens, I’m not smart enough for that, second term general physics just about killed me the first time around). My academic adviser was a high school “friend” who recently completed her PhD in physics (the gal’s a freaking genius). She scheduled me a bunch of classes. And when I say a bunch, with labs, I ended up being in class 12 hours a day. Now, granted, I took a lot of classes in college at one point (18 credit hours a quarter for a year, and when I factored in labs, it was more like 24 contact hours a week). But never did I go to class for 12 hours in one day. But that’s where the dream ended. It was pretty short, mainly because a car alarm going off outside my apartment woke me up.

Last night I was dreaming about being in a warehouse store type place. Think Sam’s Club or Costco, but pretty much deserted. I was buying a bunch of notebooks for a class. I ended up having lunch in some sort of customer break room. I forgot my purse in there. When I went back, two “friends” from high school where there and wouldn’t give me back my purse (which was clearly mine because they were looking at the ID in my wallet). In this dream, these people were employees. I ended up going to the service desk and trying to file a police report. The person working at the service desk was someone I know from the NAMI group I attended in the US. Whatever the resolution in the dream was (it gets fuzzy and hazy at that point) was weird. We ended up in a jewelery store buying a gold necklace with the police officer (who happened to be one of my professors from graduate school).

I occasionally dream of coworkers, but that often involves some sort of work situation. Thus, those dreams don’t seem quite so weird.

Dear Sweet Jesus, I wish I understood my messed up brain. I’m afraid to use one of those online dream analysis symbolism things because I’m not sure if I want to know what they mean.

2 thoughts on “Weird Dreams

  1. I guess the first thing I see is a lot of demands and a lot of responsibility thrown at you with personal invasion on both accounts. You were signed up for a heavy load. Someone else took control of that situation and put a lot on your shoulders. The second time someone invaded your space by taking your ID. You then ended up in a jewelry store w/ the person who was to set things right. I have no idea what that means but what I gathered from the dream is high stress and invasion on your personal space.

    The mind sometimes tosses stuff at us in strange overwhelming ways. The twists and turns in my dreams leave me more tired when I wake than when I went to bed.


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