All linked together

Ugh ugh ugh.

I feel like shit.  Allergies are kicking my ass.  Thus, I haven’t slept well.  Lack of sleep tends to exacerbate my depression.  And the days are getting way shorter.  Yay for SAD.  Depression saps me of motivation to cook, so I’m eating junk.  Eating junk craps out my immune system making it less likely I’ll fight off whatever germs the kids are carrying.


I have no idea why I’m posting this.  Just needed to let off steam I guess.

5 thoughts on “All linked together

  1. ugh. it’s times like this that what *really* helps me is to have someone else who will bring me some soup and orange juice and allergy medicine. Because good self-care is really challenging when it seems like everything in my life is conspiring against it.

    maybe try getting a couple of full-spectrum light bulbs for your apartment? i don’t know if they’re available or if they’d help, but if you see some, they can’t hurt, and might help to alleviate the SAD if nothing else.

    hope you feel a little better soon.

  2. No fun to feel helpless, overwhelmed by all the things working against you.

    Would you be able to make some big meals and freeze portions, so that you don’t have to cook every night but have some healthy home-cooked stuff on hand when the non-cooking mood hits?

    Can you challenge the self-sabotage bits?

    Hoping something gives for you.

  3. Geez, it is all linked together. I know I go through the same thing. My allergies make me feel crappy so I take shortcuts in taking care of myself and the allergies get worse and worse.

    Hang in there!

  4. SAD can be really debilitating. It’s certainly no joke. And yup, all the stuff you mentioned is linked together. I’m just now getting back into cooking for myself. I was on a junk food diet because I wasn’t motivated enough to go out there and cook anything. Of course my immune system suffered and it didn’t help with depression at all. But I’ll tell ya, just putting something in my mouth and heading back to bed was all I could do. Sometimes it just has to work through your system like that until you can get back on the healthier foods bandwagon. I try not to be so hard on myself during these times because I know if I could do as much as I did before I would but at that time I can’t so what good can come from being so hard on myself? I know how hard this is, I really do.


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