Scared to sleep

It just dawned on me.  I’m afraid to sleep tonight. I can’t pin point a trigger either.  This is really strange.  I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

God I hate my brain.

I’m completely exhausted from not sleeping well the past two nights.  I’m wired as all hell.  And now I’m afraid to get in my bed.


7 thoughts on “Scared to sleep

  1. Could you perhaps be nervous anticipating another night of not sleeping well? Sleep anxiety is no fun.

    Someone told me peace is more important than sleep — it’s hard to think that way, but it has helped me when my sleep anxiety recurs.

    I hope you find a peaceful place to relax tonight, and maybe even get some rest.

    Take something if you have it, huh? Take care of yourself.

    Oh, and it is Thanksgiving week, if holidays get you down, that might be part of it.

  2. J Forbes says:

    A friend told me to look up sleep hygiene on the internet and follow some of the suggestions.

    I hadn’t slept in months after a terrible truama, it was some help to me. You may give it a try.

    I hope it’s some help to you as well until you figure things out.

  3. I’m a bit slow on the comments here. Oh well. That’s life.

    As with most of my sleep problems these days, this one spontaneously resolved itself.

    There are days where I wish I had a bigger apartment. A little studio is good to keep clean, but a pain when you want to be away from the bed. It’s always within a few feet of me.

    I do try to practice good sleep hygiene. The only thing I do in my bed is sleep. For everything else, I sit at my desk. Well, that’s the only other place to sit aside for the toilet…. The sleep hygiene thing did definitely help when I started doing it.

  4. There is something called hypnophobia that you may be suffering from. It’s the fear falling asleep and I used to have it for about two years before I found out how to get rid of it.

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