Sleep. Yeah. That.

Fortunately I’ve actually been able to fall asleep lately.  Unfortunately the bizarre dreams have continued.  I haven’t changed my meds at all. Well, not quite true.  I went down to a lower dosage on my inhaler because it was giving me the shakes.   But I highly doubt something like that would be affecting my dreams.  I’ve been having the weird dreams before reducing the dosage.

Stress?  Maybe.  I just found out that I need to do a portfolio for a speaking and writing class.  Nice of the charge teacher to tell me a day before it’s due into her.  It’s little things like that at work that make me scream.  In fact, I’m writing this instead of marking the work.  The way I feel about it, each writing assignment is going to be worth five point and I ‘ve going to give random scores between four and five.  And hey.  If that teacher can wait until the day before it’s due to tell me, then she can tootin’ well wait for me to finish it.  It’s not like I don’t have any other responsibilities at work.

OK, so this is turning into a vent fest.  Oh well.  I needed it.

Enough procrastinating.  Back to grading papers.

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