Dreams and Other Random Stuff

Dreams.  Why?  I’d almost prefer the nightmares at this point in time.  At least the nightmares made sense to me.  I feel like I’m dreaming all friggin’ night long.  And I must somehow contort my body into strange positions because I’ve haven’t had a morning where I’m not sore for the last couple weeks.  This morning I can barely turn my neck.  Should make teaching today a real blast.

I’ve started and stopped myself from posting a dozen or more times over the last week.  Everything I write makes me sound like a whiny little brat.  The only thing I keep thinking is who in the world wants to read another rant by you.

For once, I’d like things to be easy.


5 thoughts on “Dreams and Other Random Stuff

  1. Sometimes I think to myself, post something encouraging. But if it’s not how I feel then it’s a lie. I’m done lying about being okay. So, if you’re not okay say so. It’s safe to do so now.

    We want the real KathM not the revised so I feel better KathM.

    I think to myself, how many times can I write how depressed and lost I feel? How many times can I write that the dog is driving me crazy? I know the answer to that question. I can write it as many times as I feel it. I may need occasional reminders but part of me knows it’s safe to say I’m not okay.


  2. Why is it so hard to believe it’s safe to say how I feel? I always feel dumb, like my feelings aren’t worthy of sharing with others. I feel like people are going to laugh and point, kind like that one kid on The Simpsons who always goes “Ha ha!”.

  3. I hate that kid from the Simpsons. The way he laughs is funny but he only laughs when it’s inappropriate to do so.

    You and I are no longer a laughing stock. We are no longer a specitcal nor are we a carbuncle to be hidden. That did happen to us and when we spoke every word was scrutinized then mocked. When we spoke no one listened but that’s not the case now.

    Before we said what they wanted to hear which makes it hard to actually believe people when they say, “I’m listening.” I always wonder why they’re listening. What do they get out of hearing me complain? Why read what I have to say? My answer is two things 1) cause they need to get a life and find something better to do than find joy in my pain and 2) because they like me long for connection and to not feel so alienated and strange.

    Still, the first is in the back of my mind. They’re laughing at me cause I’m the best entertainment they’ve got right now. What I’ve found for the most part is people listen because they need to be understood. They hope they’ll find it here or on Beauty’s blog or Enola’s, etc, etc. People are searching for connection and in that search they will lend an ear and open arms. They do this not because they have to but because they want to. People kinda like ya, it happens to the best of us :-)


  4. I think it’s ok to say how you feel, no matter what that feeling is. That’s what blogging is all about. It’s your’s to say and do what you want, and if there are people who don’t like it they don’t have to read it. But there may also be people out there feeling the same way, and sometimes it’s very helpful for people to know they are not the only one’s.

    Don’t be afraid to say what you feel.

    I am very new to the whole blogging thing. I just started one yesterday, so you can check it out and spread the word if you like it. You said you were having crazy dreams, well, part of my blog is about trying to interpret dreams. You should go to my blog and write it out. Who knows maybe I can give you some insight to the crazy dreams.

    Amanda dreamsandotherstuff.blogspot.com

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