No Way!

I walking through Lotte Mart getting notebooks for my students and what do I see?  Crayola crayons.  Why should this excite me so?  Crayolas (or any American crayon brand) are pretty much non-existant in Korea.  We have a choice of two different types of crayons here.  One is more like oil pastels and you can usually get them in a 24 color pack.  The others are more wax like, such as we’d find in the US.  And they’re in twisty tubes.  So it’s like having a crayon in a pen container.  Yeah, I know that makes no sense.  I have a package right here in my desk at home, but my battery for my camera is on the other side of the room charging and there’s a kitten sleeping in my arms.  So, camera, ain’t gonna happen right now.

So I had to do it.  I bought a pack of Crayolas.  24 of those smelly wonderful American crayons.  I’m so printing off a bunch of coloring pages tomorrow at work.  My inner child is going to have a blast.

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