Yeah. Updates. Yeah

Let’s see.  I never went to see the internist.  Part of it is a lack of faith in the medical establishment in this country.  Part of it is feeling slightly better after sleeping most of my Christmas break.  Part of it is laziness.

I have started going to the gym again.  Well, sort of.  I missed the last two weeks due to various reasons.  I’ll be back on Monday.  For sure.

I asked my boss if they were intersted in renewing my contract and was told no.  They want some new blood.  Fine.  Whatever.  After spending a day freaking out and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve decided it’s their loss.  I am a good teacher.  I’m dedicated to my students.  I’m innovative.  And damn it, I deserve better than I’ve been getting from them the last few months.  I’m there for another 4.5 months.  Then I’ll move on.  I want to stay in Ulsan.  I’ve built a life for myself here.  I’m in the process of applying to recruiters.  I think with my education and experience I can get a good job.  Leaving a job is scary, especially when it’s been (mostly) a good one.  But there are other schools out there.

So that’s pretty much it.  I’m just trying to get things sorted and figure out the technical details of changing jobs.  I’m preparing for our kindergarten graduation as well.  Just staying busy for the most part, I guess you could say.

3 thoughts on “Yeah. Updates. Yeah

  1. It’s horrible how they’ve been treating teachers, but at least they’re giving you some notice so that you can look for another job. My daughter is almost three years old and goes to school. I’ve noticed that the teachers who are older and have been there longer are more knowledgeable and loving towards the kids.Good luck.

  2. Maureen Vilar says:

    In Korea do the employer’s legal obligations change after a person’s been employed continuously for two years? Pension? Social Security? More generous holiday? The contract becomes permanent?

  3. Nope. We work on year to year contracts due to the way visas work. I do pay into the Korean pension and the school matches. Luckily I get that money back (unlike the poor UK people) when I leave the country.

    I’ve got my resume out there and a lead on a possibly position in the city I worked in before. We’ll see.

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