Ummm.. Yeah

OK.  I’m seriously still alive.  Busy as all heck, but alive.  I’m working on my TEFL certification (about 75% done, yay!), looking for a new job, and teaching an insane number of classes.

Had a sort of run in with an old guy on the bus back from Busan.  Driver called the cops and they kicked the guy off the bus.  Not fun.

Uh.  Cats are doing well.  Ivory gets a hair cut tomorrow.

Energy level still sucks, but what can I do.  If I say anything to the doctor he tells me I’m home sick.  Whatever.

I haven’t stopped blogging, just nothing to say really.

I’m off to pack my lunch for tomorrow and hang up my laundry.

5 thoughts on “Ummm.. Yeah

  1. If the police were called it probably wasn’t that great at all, probably kinda on the traumatic side. Gracious. Those crazy old Korean guys love you. LOL

    Please DO NOT do to Ivory what was done to her before with the hair cut. Not good.

  2. Yeah. Definitely not fun. Speaking of crazy old Korean guys loving me. I had one propose to me on the street the other day. I mean, come on. No. I don’t want to marry someone twice my age.

    Poor Ivory was shaved today. She’s pretty stoned right now. They can’t do it without sedating her. And Gidgette has decided today is a good day for pseudo-heat. Great.

    I’m going to go watch reruns of Project Runway. It’s the only thing on. :/

  3. Ageless says:

    Filthy or not, doesn’t say a thing. Check out “Life Stinks” from and with Mel Brooks, to see how wrong you could be. Even as a non-marrying type. :)

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