A Crocodile?

You Are a Crocodile

You are fierce and strong. You go after any prey that is in your sights.

You have a take charge personality, and you are quite dominant. You are not easily intimidated.

It’s likely that you’ve had to struggle for survival in your life. You’ve had to develop a very thick skin.

You can be brutal, but you can also be tender. You tend to have two sides to your personality.

3 thoughts on “A Crocodile?

  1. Crocks are very much team players. They hunt together and take great care of their young, unless of course food is scarce then they start eatin’ ’em. But over all crocks are community oriented. Once you get past the issue of them eating cute baby animals and humans you can see them as parents, even partners in their community setting. You just have to get past dead baby animals to see their parental side and their willingness to work in groups for the benefit of their community.

    Wasn’t it you who wrote about eating the cutest little chicken? I think that was you on Facebook who mentioned how tasty that chicken was. Hmmm, maybe Blog Things was right about this one too. You’re so vicious!!!! Did you even use a fork?

    BTW… I got the same results with the same ‘ no way am I a crock’ response.
    Austin – such a crock!!!

  2. Don says:

    Crocks rock in my estimation. Maybe a tough hide, but they’re tender inside. It’s the outtards that protect the innards.

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