Sure, Why Not!

You Are a Pretzel Dog

You are funky and fearless. You do things in your own brilliant way.

You are a natural innovator and inventor. You just seem to know what will work.

You have a bold personality, and you don’t hold back. You want life to be a great adventure.

You have no patience for boredom and the ordinary. You are in search of the next big thing.

One thought on “Sure, Why Not!

  1. I’m a corn dog. On mine I agree with the first part but not the last part.

    You Are a Corn Dog
    You are lively and carefree. You are playful, and you enjoy food that is fun!
    You are easily delighted. The smallest pleasures in life make you quite happy.

    Whenever there’s a party, you’re not far from it. You live for the good times.
    You are an engaging and interesting person. You make an excellent impression and find friends easily.


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