Ya Think???

You Are an Insomniac

It’s likely that this quiz confirms what you already know – you have insomnia.

It’s difficult for you to sleep well through the night, and it’s having a bad effect on your life.

You should probably seek treatment for your insomnia … or at least try some home remedies.

Consider giving up caffeine and sticking to a sleep schedule. Everyone deserves a full night of rest.

Seriously folks…  tell me something I didn’t know.
Sorry about all the blogthing quizes lately.  Some of them strike me as funny (yes, I have a weird sense of humor).  And it kinda lets people know I’m still alive.
Things are looking up in terms of the move.  I’m a bit bummed I’m not going to have much of a break between jobs.  Maybe as little as the weekend.  But I’ll know more when I talk to both my new and old boss tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Ya Think???

  1. *note to self*

    Turn off the “surprise me” function. Ugh. A screaming sports cheering video thing started up and I thought it was coming from a different tab. It almost gave me a friggin’ heart attack.

  2. I took the one about which subject do you like least.
    Disliking Gym Says You Are Thoughtful

    You are thoughtful, philosophical, and downright cerebral. For you, gym is too intense and competitive. You aren’t always in the mood for playing hard.
    You may or may not be into exercise – but any physical movement you do is under your own terms. (That is so true.)
    You don’t get your happiness through thrills or adrenalin rushes. Your bliss comes from quiet reflection. (True dat)

    What Does Your Least Favorite School Subject Say About You?

    I was told by BT that I have mild insomnia. I don’t have insomnia at all. I have sleep refusal disorder. :-)

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