First of all, I’m talking about goals, not resolutions.  For me, resolution has a horrible negative connotation surrounding it.  Yes, it’s my own personal hangup.  It just reminds me of all those years as a fat child saying my new year’s resolution is to lose x pounds.  And all those years of failures.  These are things I’d like to try to do.  Nothing is holding me to them.  I expect they’ll be fluid as the year goes on.

So here goes……..

1.  Take better care of myself.  This means less crappy food and more kimchi.  I’m not giving up my one weekly pizza.  I love it too much.  And denial of treats leads to failure.  But I also won’t be buying junk food on a regular basis, if at all.  If I don’t have it, I won’t eat it.  This isn’t a quest to get skinny.  This is a quest to be healthier.  Once my knee is healed, I’ll be walking to work again (unless there is ice and snow, especially ice).

2.  Working on a program I’m calling MT (for Mood Tracker).  Currently I use moodscope.com and I find it helpful.  But it doesn’t always get at my true mood.  I might show up with a score of 50 (out of a 100), but feel like crap.  I’ve got a small start in figuring out how to present a list of words in random order.  I intend to work on it in fits and starts, but it’s going to be in the back of my mind.  I might be asking for advice and clarification on the prompts I’m going to present.  And if it ever gets out of the pseudo-code/extremely pre-alpha stage, I might ask for testers.

3.  Working on a bingo card generator program.  See above.  Actually, that piece of code figuring out how to randomize a list is one of the things I need for this too.  I’m writing in Python if anyone really cares.  :)

4.  Get back to practing my flute.  This is a necessity because I have roughly 3 weeks to learn a piece before our school talent show (gulp).  How did I ever let my boss talk me into this??

5.  Keep my teaching blog more up to date and write a new landing page for it.  Ugh, the front page looks like something from 1995.  Actually, it’s coded like something from 1995 (tables and all).  I don’t think this is a quest to learn CSS.  I think it’s just a quest to make it look less ugly.  If anyone wants the URL, let me know.  I’m trying to keep it separate from this blog.

6.  Overall, be tidier.  I’m so tired when I get home from work, I don’t want to do anything but veg out.  I end up leaving cleaning for the weekend and then it feels like an overwhelming task.  I’m going to do my best to pick up as I go along.  Once a month, I’ll have a cleaning person come in and give it a good scrub down.  Hopefully if I can stay tidy, that will decrease to every 2 months.


That’s about it.  I don’t know what will happen with these goals.  Some of them are “good for me” and some of them are fun.  And some of them are part of being an independent adult.  And now, even though Harry Potter is on TV, I’m going to pull out my flute and my music and see just how bad I sound.  That is if I can get a certain fuzzy white cat off my arms….

One thought on “Goals

  1. For me the word resolution says you either succeeded for failed. A goal allows you to move forward and see progress.

    I only do fried foods one per month.

    I need a cleaning pal, which I’ll have here in a few days because my house is out of control. I feel so ashamed of it too because I use to be so clean. Once depression, fatigue and health grab a hold many things go to the way side.

    Flute huh? Any chance of a YouTube vid ? :-)


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