I’m a bit down tonight.  I think part of it is still being cold all the way to my core.  My classroom has two walls of just windows.  And trust me, they are drafty.  The space heater type thing decided to fail today and we don’t have central heating in our school building.  I spent the afternoon freezing my buns off.  Even though I’m home now and I’ve got the heat cranked up, I’m still cold.

I track my mood daily using Moodscope, but the score doesn’t really reflect how I’m feeling.  This is why I want to write my own tracker.  I’ve made a tiny bit more progress.  I can get python to spit out the date for me.  I think I’m going to ask a programmer friend (or two or three) for some advice.  I need to draw a picture of what I want to accomplish.

Add a mild sinus infection to it and I’m not happy tonight.  I’m going to ride it out for the rest of the evening. I think this is just a blip on the radar and I’ll be feeling better tomorrow.

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