Quick Rant

Yes, I’m fat.  I get it.  I don’t need the doctor to remind me every single freaking time I see him.  Yes, I’m trying to lose weight.  Yes, I have, though I don’t know how much.  Last time I stepped on a scale was for my required physical for my visa renewal (which thankfully only had to be done once).   And even then, I didn’t look.  I can tell in the ways my clothes fit.  I can tell because the ring I bought in October is now too big to safely wear.  I need to get a ring guard.  I don’t want to get it resized while still losing weight.

No, my weight is not the root cause of all my troubles.  I have asthma.  I’m sure being fat doesn’t help.  But, hello, it runs in my family.  Both of my brothers have it as did my mother and a bunch of her relatives.  Genetics people, genetics.  Yes, I have arthritic changes in my knees and ankles.  Yes, being fat doesn’t help.  But strangely enough, my father’s side of the family had the same sort of changes starting in the early to mid thirties.  My mom’s side of the family has arthritis too.  Genetics people.  Genetics. And then there’s the depression.  Why did this doctor assume I’m depressed because I’m fat.  I don’t have the best body image in the world, but I’m certainly not depressed over it.  Here Dr. Caring, let me tell you about the screwed up things that happened to me through my first 18 years of life.    And then there’s the day I slipped on the ice and bashed my knee.  I slipped because I’m fat?  Ummmm…  no.  I slipped because this city decided that marble curbs would be pretty.  And they ice over if you look at them funny.

I will say, this has all been from the same doctor.  I never had this problem in the states.  But then again, I had a doctor I could actually communicate with who also had an ounce of compassion.  Yes, Koreans as a general rule are thin.  But hell, I’ve seen more and more fat ones as I’ve been here longer.  So, Dr. Caring, quit blaming everything on my weight and help me tackle my health issues.

I have to go see him again on Monday to get my thyroid meds and get my ears checked (possibly ear infection).  I’m sure he’ll find some way to blame the ear infection on my weight.  No, I’m not cynical.  Not me….


2 thoughts on “Quick Rant

  1. I had a male doctor ask me once if I thought men would be more attracted to me if I lost weight.

    Someone told my mother that she couldn’t sit in the back seat of their car because she might break the shocks or something? I can’t remember what it was they thought she was too heavy for. My mother in the back seat of anything? HA! That’s a good one.

    I’m not fat, I’m a woman of size. To tell you the truth, in some cultures (even communities in the US) I’m a frikin goddess. So take that and eat it!!!! Argh, people kill me.

    I have body image issues like many people do, and just like many I’m not depressed over it. Some may feel as if they’d be depressed if they were big but I AM NOT depressed because of my weight. Grrrr…

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