More Dreams

I’m only remembering bits and pieces of my latest dreams, but they are highly distressing.  I wake up in physical pain, like the body memories I used to have.  I’m not sure what’s going on.  I know I’m feeling slightly more stressed than usual.  I also haven’t been taking care of my mental health like I should be.  I need to get back to working on my programming.  My goal for tomorrow is to sketch out a diagram showing the logic I want to use.  I’m then going to get feed back on it from some programmer friends.

The good news is there are only 2 days of work this week.  Yay for Lunar New Year.  There are definitely advantages to living in an Asian country.  And tomorrow evening should be fun.  I’m making chocolate pancakes with my two advanced classes.  They have a cooking class once a month, along with a science class, a writing class and a debating class.

2 thoughts on “More Dreams

  1. Chocolate pancakes? That is nasty! I hate to say it but that is so nasty!

    When I take a look at my dreams I look for recurring events. I look for stuff that happens in each of the dreams, only after I find that recurring event do I ask myself how I feel about it. After that I look to what has changed in my daily life. If I may, I’d like to suggest that you attempt to look for recurring events in the nightmares.

    I remember who James is and I know dreaming about him has got to be excruciating.


  2. Actually, they’re pretty good. They’re definitely not the kind you eat with syrup. Now that’s sugar overload. I like them with just a bit of butter. They’re not the sort of thing you have a whole stack of for breakfast. They make a nice snack though.

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