Kitty Bath

Oh man.  I managed to give both cats a bath (long story) and get out with all my limbs and skin intact.  They are pissed at me and they are pissed at each other.  My guess is that they don’t smell right now.  They smell kind of like baby shampoo.  It’s something my vet gave me.  10 bucks for shampoo.  I don’t even spend that much on my own shampoo.  I am but their humble servent.

2 thoughts on “Kitty Bath

  1. MJ actually lets me wash her without incident. I’m not sure why but she does. I use Dawn dish soap on her as well as on Gus.

    Last but not least, I so would spend $10 on hair conditioner for myself, not on shampoo but on conditioner. Gilchrist and Somes has a wonderful Chamomile conditioner. I love that stuff and would, if I had it, drop a ten spot on it in a second.

  2. I don’t use conditioner on my hair. It makes it too goopy and heavy. But I did find this biosilk stuff that’s about 30 bucks a bottle. But I use so little of it, it’ll probably last me an entire year. It does a great job taming the flyaways.

    I have to laugh. On the back of the bottle it says it’s safe for color treated hair. This is definitely puppy shampoo (the vet said it would be fine for the kitties). Would you believe there are people here in Korea that dye their dogs ears and tails. I did a double take the first time I saw it. It was a white dog with a bright green tail and ears.

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